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Bars in Spain!

Dear all,

Recently the Spanish media has described the Google funded GZ bar drawing project. The article, which can be seen here and was based on this MNRAS paper , was written by members of the Spanish Public Agency for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge, (see here), which is a leading news agency in Spain.

Thanks again for making the bar drawing project so successful.

Ben (on behalf of Bob, Karen, and the GZ bar drawing team)

Google Powered GZ2 Bar drawing spin off, 1 down….

Spiral Galaxy

Firstly, I’d like to thank all those users who have used the bar drawing website. As of yesterday at 10pm we have recorded responses from 97 unique users and every galaxy had been looked at by at least one user. This is excellent news and we are delighted with the response the site has received.

We have reached a significant milestone, but we still need more help! To do reliable science, much like the main Galaxy Zoo site we want to have multiple users look at each galaxy. So keep drawing!

The site can be found here: http://www.icg.port.ac.uk/~hoyleb/bars/ and the forum here.

We know some users have experienced problems accessing the site. We apologise if this has caused frustration. We remind you that our site is best viewed in Firefox[download here] – response with IE is particularly unreliable. Right now the bar drawing site is hosted at the University of Portsmouth, so the server is not as fast as the main Galaxy Zoo server. If site speed continues to be a problem and/or we start attracting significantly more users we will consider moving the site. Also remember that Google Maps set the zoom level. If you zoom in further than they have data you will see only a white image. Just zoom out until you can see the galaxy. Most other problems can be solved by hitting the reset button  –  if you reload the page you will move to the next galaxy.

Due to popular demand, we have added a counter to the site, showing you how many classifications you have made.

Thanks for all your help and input.

Ben and Karen [on behalf of the bar drawing team]

Google-powered Bar-drawing Zoo2 offshoot

Hello Zooites.

Once again we need your help with more detailed classifications of a
selection of galaxies.

We’ve made a sample of interesting galaxies from Galaxy Zoo2, most of
which have bar structures, and we would like you to measure the length
and thickness of the bars. Also we’d like you to check the shape of
the galaxy and tell us how the spiral arms and bars are linked.

We are also pioneering the use of the Google Maps interface for Galaxy
Zoo science, which allows us to perform tasks like drawing on
galaxies. Please note, that the bar drawing pages work best with
Mozilla Firefox.

Head over to our site: http://www.icg.port.ac.uk/~hoyleb/bars/ and
log in, using your Galaxy Zoo user name and password, to start

We’ve describe the our science
rationale: htp://www.icg.port.ac.uk/~hoyleb/bars/tutorial.php#s1 and there is a forum topic related to this page: http://www.galaxyzooforum.org/index.php?topic=276269.0

See you on the bar site!


Ben and Karen [on behalf of the bar drawing team].