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Announcing the Galaxy Zoo iPhone App

Help us explore the universe from the park, the train, or the bath*.
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Following a number of requests we are today releasing the first mobile Zooniverse application: the Galaxy Zoo iPhone app.

The app, which will run on iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, lets you classify galaxies from our Hubble Galaxy Zoo project from anywhere. It has a slick and simple iPhone interface and will challenge you with the same huge galaxy database as the galaxy zoo website.

If you have a long journey ahead and want to pass the time classifying, you can download a stockpile of galaxies via WiFi to keep you going the whole way. And if you run out you can download some more over the 3G or Edge networks.

You can find the app on iTunes, by searching for “Galaxy Zoo”, or with this direct link. You can find background information on the help page.

The app was developed by Oxford cosmologist Joe Zuntz, along with Arfon Smith and Stuart Lynn. They have a bet with Chris that you’ll be able to classify 1 million galaxies with it, and hope you’ll help them win it.

*Please don’t drop your phone in the tub.