Howdy from Texas!

Howdy, y’all! I’m at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Austin, Texas. Many of you had said you wished you could come to this meeting. Zookeeper Chris and I are here, and we’ll try to give you a vicarious experience of what it’s like here. We’ll be posting more often than usual this week, as well as later – Austin is 6 hours behind the U.K. Next week, we’ll resume our normal Monday-Thursday schedule.

We’re also coordinating with a couple other astronomy blogs to better cover the meeting. We’re working with Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay from Astronomy Cast, and Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy.

You can follow all our blogging at the Astronomy Cast Liveblogging page:

Whenever any of us posts, we’ll mirror it on that site for everyone to see. If this works, we’ll try to do it again at future meetings. Hope you enjoy it!

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