Galaxy Zoo Poster – Improved Greatly by Julia

Several weeks ago, we issued a challenge: re-create the Galaxy Zoo poster in a new way to tell the story of Galaxy Zoo yourself. When I posted this, I wasn’t sure if anyone would find it interesting, but as always, your creativity is amazing. The first submission is in, from Julia, and it is breathtaking. Behold:

Julia’s Galaxy Zoo poster remix (1.2 MB JPG)

I think you’ll agree that this is a big improvement over the text-heavy original, and I think it’s one of the most amazing science posters I’ve ever seen. Congratulations to Julia on an amazing piece of science/art! (Julia, if you’re reading, please say hello in the Comments section.) If anyone else is interested in remixing the poster, send me a message in the forum (I’m zookeeperJordan).

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14 responses to “Galaxy Zoo Poster – Improved Greatly by Julia”

  1. Tarquin Q. Zanzibar says :

    That’s a nice piece of work… big ups & props to you, Julia!

  2. ElisabethB says :

    Wow !

  3. Jules says :

    Hi Jordan,
    Nice surprise to see my poster there!! Thanks for your kind comments. It was an enjoyable Photoshop exercise.

    I note you’ve used my “posh” name – others may know me better by my forum name. :0)


  4. William A. Dias says :

    Absolutely outstanding graphic !

    This really does capture the Galaxy Zoo effort.

    So, congratulations to Julia.

    I really liked the galaxy shapes pictured in the long bar at the poster bottom. Galaxy Zoo 2 might consider doing a similar treatment for the classification tasks / tutorial. Especially, if the classification task(s) require trying to capture those “in-between” shapes that give so many of us trouble now.

    regards, diaswa

  5. oino says :

    Excellent– my new desktop wallpaper, replacing Mercury in color from the Messenger probe ….

    Thanks Julia!

  6. Veggy says :

    Wonderful. I vote Julia be asked to design Zoo 2 (nothing against the old one, it’s very nice too!)

  7. Jules says :

    Well what a nice surprise – thanks for the compliments! It was a useful and enjoyable Photoshop exercise.

    Apologies if a similar message is posted – I did send a comment yesterday but it seems to have vanished into the abyss….

    Oh – and people may know me better by my forum name :0)

  8. John Parejko says :

    Excellent job!

  9. Hanny says :

    Oh so it was you Jules! Nice work! 😉

  10. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Congratulations to Julia for a brilliant job which in my opinion should win an Oscar for designs if ever there was one !

  11. Shanita says :

    Gorgeous poster! Excellent job! It really does a good job of creating a visualization of GZ! 🙂

  12. Eric F. Diaz says :

    Wonderful poster! I noticed that Hanny’s Voorwerp is included. I think that’s really cool! Looks great, Julia! 😉


  13. Alice says :

    Wow – this is the first chance I’ve had to look at this, but that’s incredible, Jules. I love it. Now I want a copy of your poster as well as the Zoo’s. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    (Jules is a great poster-maker, she did the Galaxy Zoo Meet-up poster for us to wave outside Astrofest. Mustn’t forget to bring it along to the Planetarium, although most of us will recognise each other!)

  14. SB says :

    Great design.

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