Caption competition

img_0177.jpgWe’ll find a Kitt Peak related prize for whoever makes us laugh the most… 

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48 responses to “Caption competition”

  1. Waveney says :

    Its a three way overlap

  2. weezerd says :

    This one is Hanny; no it’s definitely that one!

  3. Fluffyporcupine says :

    Bill looks skeptical as Chris says ‘look, we’ve caught infinity on film!’

  4. Paolo Amoroso says :

    Don’t remove the dust off the pictures!

  5. Geoff Roynon says :

    Surely not another Voorwerp!

  6. Rick Nowell says :

    ‘But I thought the black-and-white images were
    only for bias testing?’
    ‘Well, for colour, you would have to pay more.
    Besides, the printer’s run out of ink.’

  7. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    From A to Z :- Secret Agents A ( Anna ), B ( Bill ), C ( Chris )on a night safari to stock up GZ.

  8. Hanny says :

    Guys, you really don’t need to spoil your time on discussions about what should be the next Object Of The Day, our lovely moderators are taking care of that, really, don’t worry! 😉

  9. danny says :

    Before Galaxy zoo we had to do it all this way…

  10. Infinity says :

    Chris was convinced it was ET’s fingerprint that they had found on the cookie jar.

  11. Alice says :

    “I thought we were here to do astronomy, not sleep-inducing desktop publishing”.

  12. Alice says :

    “No, Chris, you still haven’t laid them out properly. Look – the angle between that one and that one is almost two degrees. Where’s the protractor?”

  13. Alice says :

    “Try as they might, the world’s leading team still could not get the pictures to resemble the superior columns of scary data on the computer screens.”

    (I should have asked – are we allowed more than one go?)

  14. Alice says :

    “No, seriously, Bill, if we sent the Zooship Enterprise to invade this area first . . .”

  15. Eric F. Diaz says :

    You see!….It’s not blue in this image. I told you Kevin was using Photoshop to make that elliptical look blue!

  16. Alice says :

    Mind out, Anna! There’s a wire about to hang you!

  17. Tarquin_Q_Zanzibar says :

    “…well I still say It’s a rock!”

  18. RapidEye says :

    This one is the prettiest!
    No, this one is much prettier!!
    Have either of you considered the beauty of _THIS_ one here!?!?

  19. Bill G says :

    See? It *is* the face of Elvis!

  20. RapidEye says :

    You call that a SABbc???
    That’s not even close to a SABbc, that’s a SABab on a good day!!!
    Don’t you kids know anything?!?!?!

  21. robin says :

    All these targets to chose from and you have to pick one which doesn’t rise ’till 4 am !

  22. RapidEye says :

    Eeny, Meany, Mini, Mo…

  23. RapidEye says :

    This is the best route for the new offramp to the intergalactic bypass – right here!

  24. Curtis W. Garrett says :

    After the witnesses identified the suspects from the photo lineup, they were quickly arrested.

  25. Thomas Jennings says :

    And this is one of me in the garden, when I got my first telescope.

  26. pluk says :

    Bill: “No Chris, it’s not your turn yet, Anna had a match”

  27. Alice says :

    “Now it was at around the co-ordinate of this one that I had to expel Zooite No. 41 from my suitcase . . .”

  28. Alice says :

    “Now this is Arwen, overlapping Strider . . .”

    “You must introduce them to Ptolemy and Jeannie . . .”

  29. Jules says :

    During a cloudy moment Bill checks for cheating as Chris and Anna play pin the black hole on the galaxy.

  30. Alice says :

    “Get into a more impressive pose! This is for a competition!”

  31. Jules says :

    Hide the beer and crisps quick and just point randomly – they’ll never know….

  32. diaswa says :

    See that’s why we should have turned left at Orion !

  33. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Hurrah ! We will get the Nobel Prize for sure. We have found a BLACK HOLE. No, it’s a WORM HOLE. Oh, no. It’s a… a… a…HOLE in the paper. Then we are really in a deep ” S_ _ T ” HOLE!!!

    P.S. The moderator will surely edit the letters in inverted commas.

  34. Alice says :

    “OK, yeah, that’ll do for a place to put naughty zooites in . . . it’s where to put the good ones that worries me . . .” 😉

  35. fluffyporcupine says :

    the loser of ‘spot the difference’ would have to make the tea

  36. pluk says :

    “There! The place is called “M1″ and they serve a delicious crab”

  37. pluk says :

    “Magrathea is a myth! A fairy story! It’s what parents tell their kids at night if they want them to grow up to be economists. And …”

    “… and we are currently in orbit around it.”

  38. pluk says :

    “Where are we Trillian?”

    “Exactly where we were I think.”

    “Then what’s happened to the missiles?”

    “Well, er, according to this screen they’ve just turned into a bowl of petunias and a very surprised-looking whale.”

  39. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    No finger pointing, please. If we did not find anything useful let’s face the music as real astronomers do – look to heaven for inspiration !

  40. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    If we do not succeed in finding the cosmic dust we are looking for we can surely apply our expertise to chimney sweeping with guaranteed success.

  41. fluffyporcupine says :

    “alright, who sneezed on this one???”

  42. Alice says :

    “What in the Galaxy are they going to come up with to say about this picture of us, then?”

  43. KPM says :

    When you said you had a big stamp collection you weren’t kidding!….Christ how big were the envelopes these things went on!

  44. Nax says :

    “OK… If I put my finger here like this, and we all look at these pictures, it’ll make it look like we’re working.”

  45. ratchet says :

    “I’ll have the austrian blind with matching pelmet”

  46. ratchet says :

    Well I think the Roman blind with matching pelmet

  47. Robert Harris says :

    If you let your eyes go out of focus, you’ll see a 3D image of mickey Mouse!

  48. Rob Falconer says :

    There’s someone pulling a face in every one of these wedding photographs!

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