Second paper now available online

The second Galaxy Zoo paper, which introduces the survey and provides details of our initial data analysis, is now available online via astro-ph.


I look forward to hearing your comments….

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9 responses to “Second paper now available online”

  1. Hanny says :

    Gefeliciteerd! (Congratulations!) 😉 Just read it and I think it looks great. What an amazing project…

  2. Waveney says :

    Re-reading the paper, is Figure 9 supposed to be blank?

  3. Chris says :

    Some pdf generators have problems with that many points; it’s fine on mine. I’ll try and do something about that.

  4. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Even without going through the details of the complicated statistical techniques, the narrative part is already very intriquing. I am most impressed by the way practical problems are effectively dealt with. Congatulations to the DREAM TEAM !

  5. Tarquin Q. Zanzibar says :

    …and I see Alice got a name check… nice one Alice!

  6. Tarquin Q. Zanzibar says :

    p.s. I found this part of the paper to be of great interest:
    “Galaxy Zoo 2, which will ask for more detailed classifications, will follow shortly.”

  7. Alice says :

    And Edd and dlocksmith, and someone else who sadly I don’t know!

  8. Eric F. Diaz says :

    Very cool paper! I downloaded a copy to my hard drive. I think it’s great! Thanks for posting. 😉

  9. Gilles Carpentier says :

    Congratulation for this paper. May be I’m wrong or you forgot to site the 100000
    ( coauthors, keeping them anonimous… or may be well hiden 🙂

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