First paper accepted

We have just found out that the first Galaxy Zoo paper we submitted has been accepted for publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. This is really exciting, and what is even better is that we were not required to make any revisions or corrections first! This is almost unheard of – so unheard of that it’s not listed as a possibility in Kevin’s outline of the peer review process in a previous post. We expected the anonymous referee to produce a report that commented, criticised, and quibbled about parts of the paper that they were not satisfied with. But we in fact received no report and it went straight to being accepted. Which means that the referee must have been very happy with what we had done. Hoorah!

It will hopefully be appearing in the online version of MNRAS in a month, then a little longer for printed versions. But there is no need to have a subscription to MNRAS to view the paper as the paper is also available publicly here (and we will be sure to keep the versions the same).

We will now be writing a less technical version of the paper for those interested – the idea is to make the results accessible to all the Galaxy Users. So this paper will have the same figures, data, etc. but with more clarification where necessary, less astro-jargon, and some extra reflection on the results. Watch this space!

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9 responses to “First paper accepted”

  1. Waveney says :


  2. Rick Nowell says :

    Very good news indeed. It must be a terrific
    feeling to have the first paper sail through
    without anymore hassles than writing it in
    the first place. Nice!

    A ‘dumbed down’ version would be good. I guess the other ones will go smoothly as well- who would dare contradict its findings? I hope you can find someone to review paper 3 who can understand it! I got lost at the first few lines…

    Congratulations and THANKYOU. Richard.

  3. Half65 says :

    Congrats and well done

  4. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Congratulations TEAM ! You do us Zooists proud. Hopefully, it is only the beginning of an ultra-successful scientific project. I guess it is just like getting a straight A in sitting an examination, isn’t it ?

  5. Richard Lowe says :

    Nicely done! Congratulations.

  6. Driller says :

    Congratulations to you – like passing your driving test first time!
    I’m sure I’m in common with the majority of Zooites when I say I joined up not only to be educated, but also as a unique opportunity to get involved with the science and actually contribute something.
    Can’t wait for the ‘Paper Lite’ version so I can understand a bit of what we’ve achieved……

  7. Stuart Sweeney says :

    My congrats too and a big, big thank you for allocating precious time in your very busy schedules to prepare a version for the GZ volunteers. Will look out for it.

  8. mushroom says :

    Nice one Keeps; there might be uncertainty surrounding uncertainty one day with you peeps on the case! Enjoy your summers.

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