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I’m giving a public talk about Galaxy Zoo and citizen science tomorrow (Monday) night. If you happen to be in or near Southern Illinois then you can find details here.  Otherwise you can watch online either below or, if that doesn’t work, here. It kicks of at 7pm Central time, which is 1am BST or 12pm GMT. Video by Ustream.TV

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9 responses to “Public talk – online”

  1. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thanks, Chris. I’ll be tuning in from Australia. Good luck with your talk. Do spread the ZOO spirit far & wide !

  2. mushroom says :

    Who is citizen science? I should have watched. I saw Chris and Kate and Patrick and some other guy who made me nervous a while back, all very sweet, remembered the Zoo. Is a universe a universe, or is it like a universe? I’m still very confused. :]

  3. Alice says :

    Hey Mushroom, it hasn’t happened yet!!

  4. Alice says :

    Awesome talk, Chris, congratulations, and I was so pleased to hear about the crows. Forgive me for smuggling my hobbyhorse into your lecture . . . I bet you knew that was me, didn’t you?

    (For those of you who were wondering, I studied Environemntal Science at university and have long thought that GZ methods would be great for environmental science projects. Not only are environmental models never right because they’re always oversimplified – i.e. we just have too much data to handle – but wouldn’t that be a better way of getting the public involved than scaremongering about global warming? Environmental Science in particular is something everybody should be informed about and participate in. So, when Michael offered to relay questions from the Internet, I couldn’t resist asking if Chris thought GZ methods would be good for environmental science. I just want the idea spread around.)

    Anyway, as ever, that was 100% worth staying up for!

  5. michael says :

    Alice, here’s that talk I referenced in the chat:

    Fascinating stuff. 🙂

  6. Mark says :

    Rats. I missed it. I hope everyone had fun with it. The more we keep Chris talking the better his future TV series will be. 😀

  7. Alice says :

    Thanks for the link Michael, and thanks for asking my question – it was great to “meet” you! 😀

    (Sooner or later there will be a special verb for meeting someone online in that fashion!)

  8. randa says :

    Thanks for the heads-up. I enjoyed the talk very much.

  9. Alice says :

    Indeed – I seriously recommend watching that talk. I hope Joshua Klein and Zoo people can start working together, and indeed that he can come and classify some galaxies with us! 😀 I gather that an awful lot of zooites love birds.

    Really, really interesting video!

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