Happy First Birthday, Galaxy Zoo!


Sometimes, a picture says it best. Credit to: Waveney, Hanny, Bill, SDSS, INT, Hubble/NASA.

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12 responses to “Happy First Birthday, Galaxy Zoo!”

  1. Pat says :

    Cool photo!!!!! well done everyone. And all the best for the next year to come.

  2. ElisabethB says :

    Absolutely stunning !
    Happy birthday !

  3. Half65 says :

    Great Picture.
    Happy birthday.

  4. BillKeel says :

    Lovely montage!

    Happy birthday to you,
    you make up the Zoo
    You peer at the cosmos,
    now on to Zoo 2!

  5. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Spectacular montage and a great representation of the ZOO in all its splendour !

  6. Adrianus V says :

    What’s that green blob at the bottom of the photo? 🙂

  7. elizabeth siegel says :

    Awesome picture well done!!!! Happy Birthday Galaxy Zoo.

  8. Adam Primus says :

    Whoa! Well butter me a badger & call me Mabel!
    That is one Baaaaad birthday card… (by which of course I mean it’s very good…)
    It’s lovely to see all the old favourites in the montage…

    It reminds me of the kid’s parody: “Happy Birthday to you, You live in a Zoo…” …but I see Bill Keel has that one covered!

    Oh yes, p.s. Happy Birthday! 🙂

  9. Alice says :

    Happy birthday to you,
    All us stars in the Zoo!
    Happy birthday, dear GZ,
    Zoom out for a great view!

  10. Cindy says :

    Incredible photo, nice work! Very cool! Happy 1st Birthday Galaxy Zoo!

  11. Brian says :

    That is really cool. Are those actual pictures or artist’s renderings?

  12. Kevin says :

    Those are all real.

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