Want to work for Galaxy Zoo?

If you happen to have a PhD – in any subject – and would like to help us continue the Galaxy Zoo adventure, then there’s a job advert on the Oxford Physics site that might interest you.

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10 responses to “Want to work for Galaxy Zoo?”

  1. Alice says :

    Any jobs going that don’t need a PhD?

    Good luck, applicants – may see you around!

  2. Alice says :

    P.S. The advert should say http://www.galaxyzoo.org, not http://www.galaxyzoo.net, unless we’ve got a .net site I don’t know about πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Waveney says :

    He doesn’t have galaxyzoo.net – it is being cybersat by someone from Germany.

  4. veggy says :

    Blimey how things change. My whole career qualifies me for just 1/9th of the role πŸ™‚

    Good to see how quickly citizen science is becoming mainstream. Beats standing in a cold garden with a 6″ reflector, which was citizen science 40 years ago!

    Congratulations to Chris and the teams for steering this to what can only be greater and greater sucess. We need to create a Chair in Citizen Science for Chris – although if we’re true to the democratic ideals of citizen science, maybe we could all have a go at holding the Chair in rotation πŸ˜‰

  5. Jules says :

    Well this is good news! Initial funding has obviously been secured from somewhere on the back of GZ’s success and I see it is one of the postholder’s tasks to secure further funding. Looks like citizen science is here to stay – which pleases me greatly as it’s the nearest I will ever get to scientific research. Well done Team and good luck to those who apply. πŸ™‚

  6. Eric F Diaz says :

    Oops! I’m afraid I left my Ph.D in my other suit! πŸ˜€

  7. Mal says :

    Is a PhD an absolute requirement? What about MSc in astronomy, several research papers, and twenty years programming experience. Does the technical lead get to choose the framework? You should consider Smalltalk/Seaside.

  8. Anonymous says :

    oops! l’m afraid i my ph.D in my other suit!!!! is ph.D an adsoliute requiement????

  9. Chris says :

    It is for now; watch this space!

  10. Alice says :

    When are we going to be introduced to the lucky ones?

    Oh, WHY did I only get a 2:2 at university and bar myself from a PhD? 😑

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