Galaxy Zoo Poster Available

A few months ago we asked anyone who felt so inclined to record their  name to be added to the image which is referenced in each and every Galaxy Zoo paper. It features more than 5000 zooites spread across a beautiful Hubble image of a (clockwise) spiral galaxy, and looks fantastic!

You can order the poster from the new Galaxy Zoo Online Shop.

Galaxy Zoo Poster

It is 29.6″ x 21.0″ [750 x 530 mm] in size and  printed on heavyweight, semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks. 

The price is $17.99 [plus postage], which is is merely the cost price that are charging to print it.

Why not check it out!

We are considering offering other Galaxy Zoo related goodies to coincide with the launch of Zoo 2 — so keep checking the Blog and Forum for updates.

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7 responses to “Galaxy Zoo Poster Available”

  1. Kevin says :

    I’ve already ordered one… it’s going up in my office.

  2. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    It makes a great souvenir for the GZ1 !

  3. Curtis W. Garrett says :

    I’ve ordered one!
    I hope enough were made in the first printing.
    Several of us have really wanted one of these since we first saw it. Kevin, Office wall sounds good. Ive got a nice spot right across from the door.

  4. elizabeth siegel says :


  5. Alice says :

    Sounds like a good thing to take to Winchester!

    One piece of merchandise I’d love to have is a black T-shirt with some of the best SDSS images on it . . . or a mug . . . not very original but there you go.

    What about a game of “spin this galaxy” or “get the asteroid safely home”? 😀

  6. Mark says :

    I have not gone and looked yet but it would be nice if we could toss in a dollar or two as such to support Galaxyzoo’s financial needs/desires.

  7. Jay says :

    If I buy this, can GZ provide me coordinates of where my name is located on the poster?

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