Galaxy Zoo on Sky at Night

200px-the_sky_at_night.jpgI’m delighted to confirm that this month’s Sky at Night will cover Galaxy Zoo. Patrick talked to Hanny earlier in the summer, and Bob, Kate and I spent some of last weekend talking in front of the cameras. We talked for more than an hour, and the team led by producer Jane Fletcher have spent the last week editing us down so that we fit within the programme. I have no idea what they’ve come up with, and am looking forward to seeing it.

There are many, many ways to get to watch this gem of televisual entertainment :

If you’re in the UK :

BBC One : Midnight, Sunday night (ie early Monday morning), repeated on Saturday 13th at 2pm on BBC Two.

BBC Four : Special EXTENDED edition (30 minutes instead of BBC one’s 20) : Tuesday evening at 7.30pm, repeated at 1.35am on Wednesday morning.

The show will also be available on the iplayer for a week after broadcast.

If you’re not in the UK :

The show will turn up on our webpage at a week or two after broadcast.

edited by Edd to update BBC Four broadcast time

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16 responses to “Galaxy Zoo on Sky at Night”

  1. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    I am eagerly looking forward to watching GZ on The SKY AT NIGHT. Thank you very much, Chris for the timely notification..

  2. Curtis W. Garrett says :

    Thank You for planning an availability for those of us outside the UK.
    I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  3. Alice says :

    Which show will be available on iPlayer – the short or the long version? I’m a dimwit about these things . . . and I’m keen to see both of these . . . 🙂

  4. veggy says :

    Would I be right in guessing GZ2 will launch to coincide with the programme? If not I would suggest that might be a significant PR opportunity missed… but that’s just IMHO.

  5. Stuart Sweeney says :

    Alice wrote: “Which show will be available on iPlayer – the short or the long version? I’m a dimwit about these things . . . and I’m keen to see both of these .”

    As someone who spends too long using i-player, especially for the radio programmes, I am confident that the answer is that both versions will be available. i-player is indexed by TV station, so you can browse the past week on BBC1 and BBC4.

    Looking forward to it more than somewhat.

  6. Alice says :

    The dimwit can answer: There is also a “download” section, but evidently it’s unavailable to download. That’s here: and it may sort itself out later.

  7. Alice says :

    Oh dear – my comment hasn’t appeared – if it does later, excuse me. Anyway, the dimwit has managed to find, which is already working, and where it will apparently be working soon.

    It’s brilliant . . . . 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Jordan says :

    Hi Alice, sorry the blog software noticed you had links in your comments and sent them to the spam folder. I rescued them to here.

    Sorry about our overzealous spam firewall; with the links that spammers try to post here, we need to have something, but we keep an eye on it to make sure real comments don’t get lost.

  9. Alice says :

    Ah, I get it. Many thanks for the recovery and for letting me know, Jordan! Much appreciated. 🙂

  10. roberto1206 says :

    This could have done with more coverage.Has it ever been mentioned on the news or is it only for those of us that watch the program ?

  11. Chris says :

    Sorry – what could have done with more coverage?

  12. Tor Erik says :

    As always I loved the show, had expected galaxyzoo to show up on the show for quite a while now.

    Thanks to the wonders of the internet I get to see this gem of a show in Norway 🙂

  13. Becky says :

    I saw the episode, it was excellent. It featured an amazing animated zoom-out of thousands of galaxies, but did not say where the animation comes from: does anyone know?


  14. mike says :

    I saw the episode. Found it very interesting and decided to try out for myself. Finding it very interesting and useful way of spending time when skies aren’t up to much. One question – how come I’ve never heard of the site before?

  15. Chris says :

    Hi Becky

    The animation comes from the COSMUS project –

    Hi Mike – I don’t know why you haven’t heard of us – we’ve been trying very hard to talk as much as possible


  16. Russell Jones says :

    I’m annoyed to see that the BBC have stopped updating TSAN archive. They could at least have given some notice that was to happen! Now I’ve (irretrievably?) missed the last two programmes, including the one about Galaxy Zoo B-/ I hope they’re repeated. I wonder why the facility was withdrawn? Perhaps all the recording servers are being converted from RealPlayer to iPlayer or replaced. I don’t see why a few programmes (or maybe just TSAN!) can’t be made permanently available via iPlayer, and perhaps even abroad. I think I’ll write to the Beeb about it.

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