The Hanny's Voorwerp Road Show – US Tour (part I)

For those Voorwerp aficionados (we decided on the Forum that these might collectively be known as a Vreemdelingen Voorwerp Vrienden Vereniging or something) living in the area, take note that I’ll be giving a presentation on the Zoo and especially Hanny’s Voorwerp next week in Birmingham (Alabama, not England, although steel production has been important in both). It will be at the meeting of the Birmingham Astronomical Society, 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 21. The location will be in the planetarium on the campus of Samford University. Anyone interested is heartily invited to attend. For those not so close, I plan to post a PDF of the visuals later.In less pleasant news, the Hubble observations are obviously on hold, since the servicing mission by shuttle astronauts has been delayed. This is to allow time for mission planners to assess the failure of crucial electronics which format science data for relay to the ground, whether its backup system comes on line properly, and whether a replacement can be added to the mission’s already-crowded manifest. The mission has now been pushed into early 2009, and observations with the new and repaired instruments will be gradually phased in afterward.

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8 responses to “The Hanny's Voorwerp Road Show – US Tour (part I)”

  1. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Good luck, Bill on the HV US road show. It is a pity that the Hubble repairs mission has run into some trouble. Hope everything will be on track again soon. Any news about the further observations planned for your favourite overlaps ?

  2. Hanny says :

    😀 Great Bill! Have fun touring! 😉

  3. Rick Nowell says :

    Perhaps you can write up the night on this topic
    in Star Space?
    Astronomical Societies Blog.

  4. Thomas J says :

    Thanks, Bill. I wish I could make it over there but that old Atlantic Ocean is in the way. I wish you the best of luck with your presentation/talk, and look forward to reading about it soon.
    From one of the many VVVV’s.

  5. Alice says :

    Hope your lecture is terrific, Bill. I agree with Rick, it would be nice to hear about it. Wish I could be there – can we ustream it?

  6. Jules says :

    Thanks for the invite Bill but ’tis a tad far for me! Look forward to the pdfs. Good luck! :}

  7. Randa says :

    Thanks for inviting us Bill. Birmingham AL is still too far. Please post future US tour sites, as I hope to get to one someday. All the best.

  8. Ed Knight says :

    We really appreciated you commng from TTown to Samford to give us the lecture. You were GREAT
    The BAS would like to have you back.

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