As promised – photos!

Chris giving his talk while wearing a pink shirt:

Kevin with his opening slide, which generated some applause from the audience:

Chris and Kevin take joint questions after both talks:

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20 responses to “As promised – photos!”

  1. Chris says :

    Caption suggestions for the last photo particularly welcome.

  2. Hanny says :

    😀 Don’t know about captions, but you look like you’re thinking: “Why does everybody keep teasing me with my shirts?” 😉

  3. weezerd says :

    We waited an infinity!

  4. Jet says :

    Is there any way we could see the opening slide itself here? It looks really cool, but in that photo I can’t quite read it. 😦

  5. Alice says :

    Jet – it says “Galaxy Zoo: The Properties of Blue Early-Type Galaxies” and you can read more here:

    Captions again . . .

    “Zookeepers Present the Specimins” 😀

    “Chris takes a breath while Kevin looks on”

    “Who is Hiding Behind the Lectern?”

    “ZK Question Time”

    Um . . .

    That slide looks awesome, well done Pat and kudos to Kevin for asking. Why don’t you zookeepers put ALL the titles of your talks on the zoo and get lots of people to make your title slides? It could become our trademark.

  6. fluffyporcupine says :

    “kevin stifles a smile as Chris has to turn down yet another question from the audience audience about his shirt”

  7. Mark says :

    In response to the question, “what was the hardest thing you had to do during the data gathering portion of your paper?” Chris and Kevin simply showed them.

  8. Richard Nowell says :

    Question from audience:
    “D’you feel your visit to Long Beach, California, has
    been a worthwhile trip?”
    Dr. Lintott:
    “Bloody right it has been me ole China- it was -11 degrees in Oxford last night! Now where’s that cup of tea?”

  9. Alice says :

    “Kevin perks up and Chris sighs despondently as the prizes for the best title slide are announced . . .”

  10. Alice says :

    “Chris, you can answer that one,” smiled Kevin.

  11. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Great photos guys but Chris looks puzzled though.

  12. Richard Nowell says :

    For non-native English speakers, “me ole China” is from Cockney rhyming slang, in which words and phrases are used which rhyme.
    So “China”, as above, means “China plate”, which
    rhymes with “mate”. Often, only the first word is used- no-one says “me ole China plate”.
    Other common ones are:
    “Plates of meat – feet” (‘Cor, his plates were very large’).
    “Adam and Eve – believe” (‘Would you Adam and Eve it!’).
    “Dog and Bone – telephone” (‘Here, your dog is ringing!’)
    “Pete Tong – wrong” (‘Oh no, it’s all gone Pete Tong!’) [Pete tong is a famous Dj)

    etc. etc.

  13. Pat says :

    “Um” gets my vote. 🙂

    For some strange reason what keeps coming to my mind is
    ” I can name that tune in three notes.”

    Thanks for the photos. 🙂

  14. Alice says :

    Kevin beamed when an audience member asked: “So tell me, Dr Schawinski . . . How did you produce that title slide?”

  15. Jules says :

    Kevin and Chris ponder their fate as it dawns on them that they have inadvertently delivered their lecture to the intermediary plumbing evening class.

  16. Alice says :

    😀 😀 😀 Oh dear – Jules wins hands down I think. Especially after my flooding incident.

    But I did think of one more:
    “And now would Dr Lintott please explain to the audience what he has in his pocket.”

  17. Lovethetropics says :

    “So Zookeeper Kevin, did you cry much when you lost all your luggage and had to wear that pink shirt?”

  18. Lovethetropics says :

    OMG, I’m sorry Zookeeper Kevin…I meant Zookeeper Chris!

  19. zofia magrian says :

    Caption: “It’s disturbing when all they want to criticize after my talks is the way I dress. And they expect me to believe that…” Apparently 🙂

  20. Alice says :

    “Cheer up, Chris,” called an audience member. “They couldn’t fault your talk so they went for your shirt instead. They’re just getting shirty . . .”

    *ducks and runs*

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