Galaxy Zoo goes to Bristol part 2: Alice's Talk

Following Alice’s talk in Bristol, we’ve got an audio recording of it available here.

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11 responses to “Galaxy Zoo goes to Bristol part 2: Alice's Talk”

  1. Alice says :

    Awesome, thanks Kevin, and thanks Rick for producing it.

    For the record, I made one silly mistake – that is, silly enough to get noticed. Kevin was not Chris’s PhD student – they just got together to work on the blue elliptical problem. Sorry!

  2. Waveney says :

    Well worth a listen…

  3. Lovethetropics says :

    It was wonderful, Alice!

  4. Alice says :

    If anyone would like to see some of the slides – not all – I have put a selection of them up on my blog here:

  5. Richard Nowell says :

    Alice was, is, a wonderful speaker and we really enjoyed ourselves here in Bristol. Thanks to all concerned.

  6. Jim says :

    Took all night for my dial-up computer to download the talk, but it was very rewarding to hear a wide-ranging survey of our Zoo stuff. Great content and wonderful sense of humor.

  7. marinakb says :

    I SO enjoyed your talk, Alice, and it put a lot of context on the Zoo for me, filled in a lot of gaps, I didnt know it had started in that way – you brought it even more to life and made me even more enthusiastic about it. You were very clear and funny and informative. I will make my husband listen to it too! Well done, Alice, what a fabulous project you have helped to create!

  8. Mark says :

    Hooray Alice! Now each time I read your posts I’ll be able to hear your voice.

    I also learn some new things about our work – tendancies of cluster unpon spirals and clustering of elipticals two name two. The only down side to your speech is the fact that it’s made me late getting home.

    Drat to bad I did not see that slide like. Cause I want’ed to see what they saw.

  9. Alice says :

    Wow, thanks for these comments. 😮 Which slide was that, Mark? The red spirals going into clusters bit? I’m sure I can dig that one up for you too. 😀 😀 😀

  10. Mark says :

    I ment slide show but typed nonsense. yep, that’s one of the things.. The clumping of elipticals is another one.

  11. olivia says :


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