Twittering the day away

It’s hard to move, or at least to read a newspaper, in the UK without coming across a mention of Twitter, the microblogging service. If you’re interested, you can find our Twitter feed here – we seem to be counting down to something at the minute.

  • Auntie’s been on the phone : we’re at T minus 3 days and holding. 32 minutes ago
  • T minus 3 days… (this is getting exciting) 1 day ago
  • T minus 4 days… 2 days ago

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29 responses to “Twittering the day away”

  1. Pat says :

    Okay I think I am Twittering. 🙂

  2. Mark says :

    ooo O.O 3 days till Zoo2?

  3. Anonymous says :

    Great news, Chris and team. I’m following it 🙂

  4. Hanny says :

    Right, so *that’s* what everyone was talking about..! 😀

  5. Alice says :

    Right, I’ve just managed to sign up without murdering my computer, and added myself as a follower – but I don’t seem to be appearing on the followers list, while it says I’m following about 20 other things I don’t want to! Anyone else finding Twitter as annoying as its name? 😀 😀 😀

  6. Alice says :

    Your title was 100% apt. Do you realise what you have done?! You meant us to follow you . . . instead you have given the chatterboxes yet another chat room!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  7. Geoff Roynon says :

    So long as they don’t shorten us twitterers to twits 🙂

  8. Alice says :

    Apparently it is where twits witter! 😮 😀 (Too right)

  9. Pat says :

    Have you all done a tweet yet??? 😀 😀

  10. Alice says :

    At least it’s cheep cheep cheep rather than expensive . . .

    Oops, sorry! I must be turning into a featherbrain, determined to drive you all quackers 😀 Ah well, birds of a feather . . .

    (DUCKs and runs, I mean flies)

  11. graham says :

    Avoid it like the plague

  12. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Timely on updates & interesting !

  13. RobertGB says :

    Congratulations Team! Break out the champagne and raise a glass : )

  14. Daniella Featherstone says :

    I’m new to this website and I just started to catch up on this news. Sounds interesting. I hope there is more.

    I’m so glad about it.And I’ll be twitering away sooner or later,mabye.

    If you’re always first up with the good news and if there is this much of it from now on, I’ll defenitely be trying to hold on to this website from now on.

    I just love astronomy.Don’t you?

  15. Mark Harris says :

    I am afraid it seems you are yet again wasting time and money.How long before you believe that the answer to everything is quite simply,’In the beginning G od created the heavens and the earth….’

  16. Elena Alonso says :

    Even if you can give 15 minutes to this, Galaxy Zoo is simply amazing. It gives you chance to sit with these beautiful images of what’s taken billions of years to form. It helped counterbalance the dreary news that seems to stream in daily.
    Here’s the website –

  17. John says :

    I have John Humphries and the BBC Radio 4 Today programm to thank for directing me here – and its not every day you can say that.

  18. Bryan - Scotland says :

    i’m all twittered, bebo’d and googled out.

    Loving the Galaxy Zoo 2 website tho. Amazin pictures.

  19. Rick Davies says :

    I’ve been trying to access the original but keep getting Galaxy Zoo 2! What happened to the original Galaxy Zoo?
    I didn’t see any notice or warning about it being discontinued!
    Galaxy Zoo 2 is too slow!!!!!! People should be allowed access to
    EITHER Galaxy Zoo 2 OR the original Galaxy Zoo if they wish!

    Rick Davies

  20. Chris says :


    Help yourself – it’s at . Zoo 2 will speed up once the deluge runs down.


  21. RobertGB says :

    When, if ever, is it a waste of time OR money to study some of the most beautiful works of the creator? The wonder of all this only reinforces my belief. The woes of the Dark Ages are behind us, thank God!

  22. dragonlady says :

    I’ve always enjoyed anything to do with the universe and galaxies and to have the opportunity to join GZ2 is fantastic. I agree with RobertGB. Thanks for the opportunity to join you Chris.

  23. dragonlady says :

    PS to 5.56pm message. I’ve never blogged before so this is great fun as well!

  24. RobertGB says :

    Man is a social creature. Most of mankind’s greatest achievements have come about as a result of people coming together for a common purpose, a common goal. We have as many, if not far more, souls bending our collective power of thought to our goal as the Egyptians had workers’ backs bent to their common goal and just LOOK at what they accomplished. One of the “seven man made wonders of the world”….the pyramids at Giza! Thanks to the “web”, the power of computers, and the wonder that is the mind of man we are witnessing the emergence of a “global brain”. What will come of all this one can only speculate, and raise our eyes to the heavens in awe. Kinda takes your breath away, did mine : )
    Sorry for being so wordy, RobertGB

  25. Deathpod4 says :

    This site is the most exiting one on the web in my opinion. Its giving us all the chance to explore this amazing universe and contribute to our understanding of it. Every picture brings the chance to discover something new, and the joy of feeling a part of something really important. The organisers of galaxy zoo may be supprised at the response, but I hope they are also aware of the huge impact it has on its users. Frankly I think its wonderful.

  26. Phish says :

    Well said Deathpod and bravo Galaxy Zoo. This is what the web is good at, bringing a collective intelligence to bear on a problem. We are lucky to live in exciting times people.

  27. tisha says :

    Yes – i definitely agree with Deathpod – it is a wonderful site. I find classifying the galaxies very calming and helps get everyday problems into perspective. Galaxies are also featuring in my dreams!

  28. malcolm says :

    may i thank those people who made this possiablefor open our minds & trust use , i cannot find words to express my joy of finding this site.only hope it keeps going.

  29. GBerg1 says :

    Hi- I just joined this evening after reading an article about Kevin Schawinski in the Yale Bulletin. Since I have little background I wounder if someone could suggest a good but not too technical reference “for the rest of us” sort of a “Galaxy, The Missing Manual.”Thanks for your help. GBerg1

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