So Zoo 2 is live and we’re VERY busy at the moment – working on making things faster now….  

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31 responses to “BUSY!”

  1. david parry says :

    how do i register withyou to go on to your site as i can do so at the moment thank you for your time david

  2. Martin says :

    Hello, How do I activate my account, you sent me the code and I don’t seem to have anywhere to use it. I’ve tried to us my browser and nothing happened.

  3. Arfon says :

    Hello Martin

    If you click the link that was sent by email you will have activated your account and then will be able to log in.



  4. Arfon says :

    Hello David

    You can register by going to http://galaxyzoo.org/signup and entering your a username, email and password. You’ll then be sent a activation link for your account which will mean you can log in.

    Then off you go!



  5. Skipper says :

    Hi, just registered and logged on this morning as a result of BBC. Excellent site. 2 Q’s. When will My Galaxies be available as I want to review them now I have some experience. Also do I need a different username and password to access the forum?

  6. Chris says :

    Hi Skipper

    Thanks for the message;

    1. My Galaxies is already available – at times of peak server load it will disappear (like now) as it’s quite heavy on our resources. But all the classifications and favourites you make at such times will be saved for future reference.

    And yes, for now, you need to register for the forum separately.


  7. Ricahrd says :

    You guys are getting slammed this morning from Virginia, USA. Must be the result of the BBC report on NPR. Finally got connected. Yea!

  8. John H says :

    I`ve registered and began using your site to classify galaxies, but it takes forever for the pages to change, I`m not talking 60 seconds or so, I`m talking minutes. I lose interest and move away.
    Are you looking into improving this?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. spaceman2009 says :

    PLEASE HELP! I have registered under the above login name and my account has been created but no activation code has been sent to me. I have waited 4 hours for the code but to no avail! Any ideas????? Thanks

  10. Steven says :

    spaceman2009: Any chance you entered your email address wrongly? You can go to http://galaxyzoo.org/signup and try entering your email address on the right to reset your password. Or just try registering again on the left. Hope you can get in the Zoo soon!

  11. margo says :

    I have setup a user account but cannot access it – maybe due to overload?
    Perhaps I should re register with a different name and password?

  12. Alice says :

    Good luck all new zooites and technical geniuses . . . hope to have you clicking fast and chatting on the forum soon 🙂

  13. Mick Tugwell says :

    I have tried to register but keep getting a fault message. Why?

  14. margo says :

    Arfon – great interview on Beeb Breakfast. As a result, I expect your site is ultra busy. So will be very patient…

  15. spaceman2009 says :

    After several failed attempts i am logged in and classifying my heart out! Thanks for the advice…i tried changing my email and reseting my password which seemed to do the trick…in case anyone else is having similar problems! Cheers

  16. Steven says :

    Glad you’re finally in spaceman2009! Hope you enjoy your time at the Zoo 😉

  17. truda says :

    like lots of others i saw the interview on the BBC. I had no trouble logging in and am now enjoying myself classifying

  18. margo says :

    My patience is wearing thin….
    Will try changing e-mail etc;
    Thanx for the tip spaceman 2009!

  19. Arfon says :

    Margo, what’s the problem – can you not log in?

  20. Bryan says :

    Kept trying to register.
    Am told my e-mail address is already allocated and registration code sent but no sign of it yet.

  21. Half65 says :

    Fantastic Great work.
    Thanks all.

  22. chris avoe says :

    just signed on and classifying away.
    absolutely brilliant well done.

  23. margo says :

    Arfon – cannot log in, very frustrating.
    I think I should start over again from stratch?

  24. Arfon says :

    Margo, can you tell me what your username is an I’ll take a look for you.



  25. Bryan says :

    I think because my details are in the system I keep getting told they are allocated,how can I clear them?

  26. margo says :

    Bryan – that is the same problem I am having.
    I think the site went AWOL yesterday!
    Perhaps, Arfon has the final solution?

    Help Arfon, we just want to be able to log on…

  27. spacemansteve says :

    Margo and Bryan – Don’t lose hope just yet! I had exactly the same problems! This morning i found that the account i managed to use yesterday as “spaceman2009” never had the activation code sent to my email so i was not able to get back in today!. The only way to get to see some brilliant galaxies inside again was to re-register with a different email if you have one. Some isp email accounts might be a problem…hotmail seems ok as an email address for the activation code though!

  28. margo says :

    Arfon, my user name is ‘Margo’

  29. martin says :

    Thanks Arfon. up and running now.

  30. margo says :

    Halle lu ya!
    At last – libations to the gods.
    Finally logged on….
    Many thanks Arfon.

  31. Faisal Abbas Idries says :

    As other creatures are trying to discover our planet,we also have a right to do thee same on their planet too.. Go forward to discover the space…..

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