This evening's downtime

Some of you may have noticed that we had some unscheduled downtime this evening. At about 18:40 our database server failed and due to the sheer number of classifications that you have all been making it took significantly longer than expected to restore the database from backup. I can assure you that we didn’t loose any of your classifications. Your hard work has not been wasted! I’m pleased to say that the site is now running well again and tomorrow I’m going to be working on making our database more resilient so that this doesn’t happen again. Happy classifying! The Galaxy Zoo Team

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9 responses to “This evening's downtime”

  1. Susan says :

    Regardless, your job has been wonderful:)

  2. margo says :

    Arfon – thank you for your help, finally able to log in.

    You are doing a magnificent job!

  3. Darryl Smith says :

    managed to log on but still very slow. Keep up the good work.

  4. augusta says :

    My word you think you’re old!! I’m passed 60 and love this, but still struggling to log on this time round.
    Do you think I’ve been retired?

  5. Pennie says :

    Wonderful site – great to feel involved in something so unique.
    Any chance of expanding our possible feed back on the category ‘other’ when we spot something?(then we could explain what we see!) Also what do we click if we see more than one ‘other’ eg ring and irregular?

  6. Ken Goldstein, Ph.D. says :

    Arfon, it looks like the database has just gone down again at 1615 Hawaii time on 19 Feb. My guess is that either your RAM is insufficient or your cache isn’t set up correctly. One million transactions per day is really nothing if you have everything set up correctly.

    Oh, & I’m also well over 60, & consult on technology as a full-time job.

  7. CarlaJ says :

    whew…I thought it was me. I just joined up and classified a few galaxies and I was sure I messed up and sent the whole thing crashing down. (not TOO self-important, am I?) So, thanks for the explanation. I’m eager to go onto My Galaxies because there were one or two that I wondered about. Like Pennie, above, I wondered what to do with one view that had two significant objects in it. Anyway, I’ll check back. All the best, Carla from New Bedford MA, USA.

  8. Carol says :

    Just started, and loving it!!!
    It gives you such a sense of wonder at the beautiful galaxies out there, and I had no idea that there were so many….and so fabulous.
    I’m nearly 60 too, and a bit worried about posting an ordinary object (to the experts) which seems so extraordinary to me, and of course getting the classifications right.
    I presume that the one we classify is the one centre screen?
    Well done to you all, having the time of my life, completely fascinated with it all…but I’ve had to stop after three hours because my eyes are crossing now.
    Good luck in your very worthwhile venture.

  9. joey says :

    thanks anyway. that little prob did get me a bit annoyed.
    im 14, but, whether you like it or not:

    I LOVE SPACE!!!!

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