'My Galaxies' is Back!

This morning we’ve added back in the ‘My Galaxies’ feature to the Zoo 2 site. The ‘My Galaxies’ page increases significantly the load on our servers and so we had to disable it very soon after launch due to the sheer number of people coming to the site. So that we can reintroduce ‘My Galaxies’ without risking slowing the site down too much, you will only be able to see the ‘My Galaxies’ page if you registered more than three days ago. This three day limit is a rolling time window, i.e. all Zooites from Zoo 1 will be able to access ‘My Galaxies’ now and new users will be able to access it three days after they registered.

At the moment ‘My Galaxies’ is only showing the 21 most recently ‘favourited’ galaxies. Don’t worry though, all of your favourites are being stored and soon you will be able to access them all. In addition you’ll soon be able to see your classification history and the classifications you made.


Arfon and the Galaxy Zoo Team.

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26 responses to “'My Galaxies' is Back!”

  1. Alice says :

    It’s good to see them again. 🙂

  2. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thank heaven the ” My Galaxies ” function is back. I am so used to it that my mind has been wandering around guessing where my favourites have gone. Thanks Arfron & the TEAM for reactivating this vital function for individual Zooites like me ..


  3. Hanny says :

    Keep up the good work Arfon! 😉

  4. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thanks again,TEAM.


  5. Thomas says :

    Thanks, Arfon and the team

  6. Joppe says :

    We’re very busy at the moment, my galaxies will be back later

    hmm they aren’t are they?

  7. elizabeth says :

    wonderful job you are doing team

  8. marinakb says :

    Well done Guys! I love the format of the new My Galaxies. Good stuff.

  9. Max says :

    We’re very busy at the moment, my galaxies will be back later

    Seems like My Galaxies isn’t really up!

  10. Chris says :


    It should be up for all those who registered more than three days ago. IF that’s you and you’re not seeing it, let us know.



  11. GwydionM says :

    Splendid, but I wish you hadn’t put the ‘remove’ function right next to ‘more information’. I’ve just clicked the wrong one.

  12. Max says :


    Ah, so new users wont be able to use them.

    Well thats me so maybe in the future!



  13. Chris says :

    Hi Max

    The very near future – the 3 days rolls on so give it the weekend and you’ll be able to see them waiting for you.


  14. Daniel says :

    Wow, this is great. I can finally save and see all those beautiful spirals and other interesting oddities.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Half65 says :

    Thank for news.

  16. Max says :

    I’m new here can someone tell me what I should do in this situation. Currently looking at a system that is both irregular and has a black line through it. How do I classify for both!?

  17. Clarea13 says :

    Arfon, you and your team are wonderful! This is a great site. It is easy to use and for all the pictures and people you have visiting it, it performs beautifully!

  18. GwydionM says :

    Max, you should join the forum for points like that. The black line is probably a pixel failure, though you do get dust lanes occasionally.

  19. Aperson says :

    If I put my favourite, please can you build, equip and make ready a spaceship to go there?

  20. Arnt Richard Johansen says :

    Excellent news!

    There is one problem though—“My Galaxies” only shows favourites, while in the GZ2 beta there was no way to favourite a galaxy. Is there absolutely no way to access the history from the GZ2 beta?

  21. Chris says :

    Arnt – not right now, but we will merge the two eventually.


  22. jack says :

    i am new so what is my galaxies

  23. zeus2007 says :

    This is fantastic! It gets even more excited now. Thanks!

  24. george says :

    This is an amazing site! Thanks for creating such a powerful portal for our imaginations!

  25. chris says :

    its great to be part of the survey realy enjoying it

  26. JohnRH says :

    How can I stack My Favourites to keep ‘my best’ in the top ten?

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