Fifth Galaxy Zoo paper accepted – Everything you've ever wanted to know about Blue Early-type galaxies!

The peer-review process can sometimes take quite some time. One of the major motivations for doing Galaxy Zoo was to find galaxies that don’t quite fit into the neat picture of blue spirals and red ellipticals, and so one of the early Galaxy Zoo papers that we submitted was on the blue early-types/ellipticals fond by you guys. We initially submitted it last June for publication in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

In the time between last June and now, we went through two revisions after getting comments from an anonymous referee, and the third revision will now appear in a future issue of MNRAS. The paper will appear on the pre-print archive astro-ph on Monday, but if you can’t wait, you can also download the PDF here (warning: 7.6 MB!). If you want to see just the cool pictures, here’s the most exciting one: 

These are all blue early-type galaxies with ongoing star formation. In fact, all of these have star formation rates (the rate at which young stars are being born) of more than 5 solar masses per year. That means each of these is churning out more young, blue, hot stars than our Milky Way galaxy!

Thanks to all of you for your clicks. This paper wouldn’t have been possible without Galaxy Zoo, and as always, we do acknowledge you on the first page of the paper:

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28 responses to “Fifth Galaxy Zoo paper accepted – Everything you've ever wanted to know about Blue Early-type galaxies!”

  1. elizabeth says :


  2. Half65 says :

    Great work (as usual)
    Congratulations and compliments

  3. Infinity says :

    Great work Kevin and to all involved

  4. Geoff Roynon says :

    Great stuff! Thanks for keeping us informed about the progress of this paper Kevin.

  5. lehensuge says :

    Félicitations et bravo !

  6. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    One step closer to publication. Congratulations to ALL !


  7. Alan S says :

    good work keep it up glad to help

  8. Thomas J says :

    Great news, Kevin, I’ll be downloading the paper right now.

    Well done to you and the team. 🙂

  9. Waveney says :

    Well done. I have downloaded the paper for bed time reading.

  10. Hanny says :

    Congrats Kevin! 😀

  11. Caroline Whittaker says :

    Well done, pleased to be of help.

  12. Jim says :

    Friends and relatives are amazed about this project. I am too. We have a great team of leaders and support folks. I am honored to help and you deserve all the plaudits that come in to your orbit.

  13. Pat says :

    Well done Kevin and everyone. 🙂

  14. margo calisto says :

    Terrific stuff for a newbie!
    I have downloaded all 18pages for a little moonlight reading.
    Thank you Kevin and the ACE team.

  15. Anjin says :

    We are all stars made of stars!

  16. Audrey Fischer says :

    Fantastic news! Keep up the super-Zoo work! GZ helps us all feel more connected to the big U.

  17. Alice says :

    Just realised I haven’t left a comment here. I love blue ellipticals! Congratulations Kevin and our new galaxy type finders!

  18. zeus2007 says :

    Not bad eh, not bad at all. Job well done everyone, and I mean everyone.

  19. Kris J. Parker says :

    Congratulations on a great paper. Makes for a very interesting read.

  20. Graham d says :

    Congratulations to the team and everyone of us.

  21. Dave says :

    Time to celebrate with your own galaxies in a glass of bubbly…

  22. Steve Walker says :

    Too late to point out a typo? Diagnostic in the abstract is written ‘diganostic’, thought you might want to tidy it up before publication…

  23. Dan D. Gutierrez says :

    Excellent reading! Galaxy Zoo has become a favorite passtime of mine. I’m also writing about it in my new book.

  24. Anonymous says :

    i like this one excellent workj

  25. StuartM says :

    I haven’t had much time recently to do anthing substantial;
    I have calssified, and saved to My Galaxies, a few Blues and I shall endeavour to get them posted.

    regards… stuart

  26. cheyenne says :

    awsome good work but i would like to see a pic of a dying one

  27. anoymus says :

    good work but i would like to see a pic of a dying one

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