Where do you Zoo?

I thought I’d go for a slightly different top 10 this week. Zoo users are distributed all over the world – in more than 170 countries, in fact – but some places have more than others. I present, therefore, this week’s top 10 most zooite filled cities :

1. London – No surprise here given where the launch of both Zoo 1 and Zoo 2 took place

2. Manchester – Are the good folk at Jodrell Bank spending all their time on the Zoo?

3. Birmingham  – Long running astronomy program the Sky at Night is based up here, so perhaps this is what they do the rest of the month.

4. New York – Now we know why the city never sleeps

5. Bristol – A sudden rush up the charts in recent weeks; I’m taking the credit as I talked there a few weeks ago. (Edit : Of course I should have mentioned the sterling efforts by Alice and Rick who gave talks there this year too.)

6. Portland – Why Oregon? I’m struggling here, because all I know about Portland is that it has a football team. According to Wikipedia, its nicknames include Stumptown.

7. Sydney – Our friends from Down Under are obviously taking a break from being unfeasibly good at sport

8. Glasgow – Being an astronomer in Glasgow must be tough with that climate. No wonder they turn to Galaxy Zoo

9. Orlando – Shouldn’t they be concentrating on building and launching spacecraft?

10. Colchester – Is this the place with the highest population of Zooites per capita? A town in Essex, Colchester was the capital of Roman Britain. They grow good oysters, too.

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73 responses to “Where do you Zoo?”

  1. Alice says :

    Any increase in Bristol since late January? 😀

  2. Seismic Pirate says :

    I’ve classified from all points of the compass while at sea, or traveling. Places like halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica, Australia, Celebes Sea, Singapore, Alaska, Borneo, Malaysia, Myanmar, Timor Sea, South Africa, The Gulf of Mexico, Germany, England, Portugal, Senegal, Tunisia, Indian Ocean and currently from a couple hundred miles off the coast of Angola. Oh yeah, once in a while I classify from home in Michigan, too:)

  3. kg4hpn says :

    I was at KSC last weekend and feel reassured that they’re quite busy with the business of building and launching spacecraft. I was a little disappointed with the decision to go back to a rocket delivery system and abandon the totally cool orbiter paradigm, but after seeing the plans for Aries (and the fact that test launches are scheduled for next year) I think I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

  4. Norvan says :

    You do know there is a Portland, Maine, as well?

  5. Jordan says :

    Nice to see my hometown of Orlando has cracked the top ten!

    Portland has a football team?


  6. adam primus says :

    An interesting alternative top 10 – I guess Colchester at #10 is this week’s equivalent of a “Faint Fuzzy Blob” being #1 in the top 10 favourite galaxies!

    A little surprised that Amsterdam didn’t make the top 10; I guess our many Dutch Zooites are spread around the Netherlands.

    p.s. I suspect that what Portland has is an “American Football” team rather than the real thing! 🙂

  7. margo calisto says :

    I don’t expect there are many zooites in my rural neck of the woods – the Hautes Pyrenees, France? Toulouse is the nearest City. Cannot compete with Seismic Pirate!


  8. Pat says :

    Oh cool Colchester is in my neck of the woods. 😀 Well done Essex!!!!!

  9. Chris says :

    No, it’s the real thing in Portland (and yes, it is Portland, Oregon). They have a guy with a chainsaw who slices through a log every time they score. Don’t ask how I know this, but I do.

  10. Hanny says :

    Nice idea Chris. 🙂

  11. Jo says :

    I’m with Adam Primus,
    People in the Netherlands must be spread out, I was suprised we didn’t get on the top 10.
    I like to know where poeple are spread here too 🙂
    My nearest city is Leiden
    This is a great idea Chris

  12. Enqrypzion says :

    I suppose a statistics part of the website would be great! Have a look at heavens-above.com for an interesting but simple example.
    There certainly are a lot of Dutch people around, so next time we might make the top ten! (keep clicking)

  13. Alice says :

    Idea for the next one: top 10 countries, with number of zooites from each country divided by its total population for a percentage. That should make you Dutch folks happy 😀

  14. tmbruner says :

    Portland has a soccer team, I doubt anyone there would call it a “football” team. Not trying to pick a fight here, just chalk it up to local color (“colour” if you prefer). 🙂

    Since it’s illegal to fill your own gas (petrol) tank in Oregon, but wifi is ubiquitous, maybe they zoo while sitting in their cars fueling up?

  15. Half65 says :

    Interesting top 10.

  16. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thank you Chris for the interesting statistics. Isn’t this a British ” invasion ” (or motivation, really ! ) ?


  17. zeus2007 says :

    Ah well where I live at people are only concerned about their pockets and how high the bills are…they don’t seem to go out of their boxes too often. Too bad, it’s a wonderful world they’re missing.

  18. mp rao says :

    I am 58,very much interested in AstroPhysics.I am BSc with Physics but had to join Accounts/Finance.I struggle like fish in sand.I was amateur astronomer in Mumbai,India during1976-80.Now I lost contacts.I would like to be active now in Astronomy.I need to refresh my skills and renew my studies in star/galaxy glazing.Any help ?
    mp rao

  19. JoeRaven says :

    Been Zooin from the Great NorthWest (Seattle, WA) for a couple years now, and love it!


  20. Dave says :

    Passing the 6 months of winter in Buffalo, New York Zooing. If the population decline here keeps up, we could make the top 10 on a percentage basis any day now.

  21. Hanny says :

    I was thinking of a countries one too.. Chris? 😀 😉

  22. pat6347 says :

    Hi, I’m in Spain, Mollina, Malaga in beautiful Andalucia to be precise although my heart is still in England.

  23. pat6347 says :

    Oh, I originally came from Birmingham, UK so good to see my home town at number 3.

  24. frank rueff sr. says :

    I’ve only been zooing for several months and I enjoy it very much.Lately however, I seem to be re-clasifying the same galaxies ? I’m located in Ogden,Utah,USA. Is this normal or am I being punish? I tried to join in the forum to get info, but it rejected my password, which is the same one I,ve always used for login. I’d appreciate some feedback. I dont have a website, however so it but it would have to be by e-mail. Thanks

  25. Ryan says :

    Chicago or LA for me.

  26. Alice says :

    Hi Frank, you have to register for the forum separately at the moment 🙂

  27. brian says :

    Hello from Canada!

  28. Rick Nowell says :

    Nice to see Bristol is in the top 5! Alice has certainly helped raise the profile of GZ hereabouts-
    I wasn’t aware Zookeeper Chris had given a talk here recently…Whatever. Maybe it’s the invigorating sea air we have here? The cider? Perhaps because we have soccer teams that are not so hot, people prefer GZing rather than going to see a match.

  29. Stuart Thomas says :

    When I’m not watching the Northern Lights here in Alaska, I’m avoiding reading on Galaxy Zoo

  30. joop van birgelen says :

    Hello, I am zooing from the world-famous city of Oss in the Netherlands.
    Being retired, there is plenty of time to classify; and yes like Portland, Oss also has a soccer team.


  31. Jwb52z says :

    I am surprised that there aren’t more American Zooites.

  32. DancesWithWords says :

    Well I see Ottawa, Ontario, Canada does not make the list? ;-( But I’ll keep on clicking to make up for the hight numbers.

  33. Carlos G. says :

    Wow, Sydney is #7? Glad to see I’m not the only zooite this neck of the woods…

  34. GlobalWolf says :

    I’m slightly surprised that there weren’t very many American cities on here. Still, glad to see that New York and Portland made the list.

  35. Wakaleo says :

    I’m surprised to see Atherton in North Queensland didn’t rate a mention (said with tongue planted firmly in cheek).

  36. Chris G says :

    Greetings from Tasmania in Australia. Happy Easter to all.

  37. Marcy9 says :

    I didn´t expect Sao Paulo city (Brazil) appear on the top list, but we´re here also, a little contribution for the project, a big pleasure to me 🙂 I just love it. xoxo

  38. Richard says :

    Portland Oregon has a football team? I don’t think so. At least not a professional one I’ve heard of in the years I’ve lived here.

    Portland is called ‘Stumptown’ becuase of all the stumps that were left around when the forrests were chopped down to build the city in the 19th Century. Those stumps are now gone.

  39. Richard says :

    Oh, football=soccer, I get it. Okay, then Portland DOES have a football team, though I thought by convention it would be spelled ‘futbol’

  40. kalkuni says :

    i’m from snake gully australia. how do i get a look in matey?

  41. Lionel says :

    Hi to all. I have a sky out side that people would die for!! A1030 high right right over us has been there for a few days with 2 to 3 more days to go.
    From Christchurch, New Zealand

  42. Rod Guice says :

    Greetings to all from Bakersfield, California at the edge of the Mojave Desert, where the oil-well pumps run 24 hrs a day, citrus orchards are blooming across the San Joaquin Valley, and the East Pacific Plate grinds past the North American Plate at the San Andreas Fault (we’re due for the next really big one in the near future). I’ll bet Snake Gulley, Australia looks alot like the Bakersfield area!

    I hope Galaxy Zoo is as meaningful to you all, as it is to me! Have fun!

  43. buffy3kins says :

    I live in Wichita, Kansas and own a bit of farmland in South east Kansas with a night sky everyone else would envy. Anyone else from the American Midwest claiming to be a Zooite?

  44. Heikki Jose says :

    Greetings everyone, I zoo from Mexico City.. any more Mexicans around?

  45. mauromarussi says :

    Not surprised not to be in the top ten: I think I am the only one Zoo user in Medea (ITA) between 898 inhabitants. But I will be surprised if in NY there were 10,000.

  46. M9r says :

    Any chance we’ll get the Top Ten with countries? And maybe some percent/number of users/classified galaxies, so we could see how big is the difference between each place? It’d be cool!

  47. josan says :

    Hello from Granollers, near Barcelona (Spain). I think is most important quality than quantity in Galaxyzoo. Don’t be in a hurry! Have fun!

  48. Alan S says :

    Does anybody else classify from the heart of the Cambridgeshire fens?

  49. chris.ronan says :

    I am surprised that Merseyside did not make the running, as I am sure there are many more Zoolies from the area who click away into the early hours, but it is good to see how widespread and global the interest has become.

    Best wishes to all involved and keep up the good work

  50. Dietrich says :

    Portland’s one of the most wired cities in America. We show up in Google Trends all the time, too, as one of the cities doing the most searches.

  51. frank rueff sr. says :

    Thank you Alice for the info…I was a bit conserned that I was alone and adrift in space, but now I know I was just not following the rules. Anyway, hellow everyone, from maybe the only zoo,er from Ogden ,Utah. Frank Rueff Sr.

  52. Turin says :

    Hi, I’m zooing from Leipzig, Germany.
    Glad to see that there are so many different nations helping this project.


  53. geebers says :

    Whenever I mention Galaxy Zoo 2 to friends (or anyone willing to listen) in Chicago, I get a blank look. It’s not surprising that we’re not on the list. *grin*

  54. moonrock says :

    hi moonrock is living in malaga spain

  55. vogellied says :

    About the only night sky visible* in New Orleans** where I zoo is within the Zoo 😉 Cheers everyone!

    *(due to being below sea level, usually high humidity, massive light pollution)
    **(uptown, Irish Channel to be exact)

  56. Albireo380 says :

    Chris is right about the weather in Glasgow (Scotland) being very poor for astronomers. I only get about 40 observing/imaging nights between September and May, with there being no astronomical darkness for the rest of the year (56 degrees North). Still, the beer is good here in Scotland. Hope you enjoyed your couple of pints with us last Saturday Chris : )


  57. Chris7 says :

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one from Germany… Hallo, Turin 🙂
    I’m clicking in Tuebingen, Southern Germany.

    Have fun,

  58. caniswolf says :

    from a small village called Lake (between Sandown and Shanklin) on the Isle of wight in the south of England.

  59. Simon 667 says :

    G’day from Adelaide, South Oz.
    Congrats to all on success of GZ and now GZ2.
    Particular compliments to the folk who keep the site so well organized.
    I get a real buzz out of every aspect of GZ from the lottery of the initial glance to a small sense of participatory satisfaction when I hear of new science flowing from GZ data.
    Out of curiosity, has anyone bothered to calculate the processing power and hours of work involved? Could/has a (dollar/social) value be placed on this form of info processing?

  60. Margo calisto says :

    Alan S….Cambs fens.
    Although I am resident in France, I know the Cambs fens very well. I will be staying in Cambridge for the next few days – A visit to Wicken Fen is on the agenda.
    I will no doubt be zooing from there.


  61. Steve says :

    I zoo from the Chicago, Illinois, USA suburb of Chicago Ridge.

  62. Sérgio says :

    I zoo from Linda-a-Velha, a suburb of Lisbon, Portugal! I wonder how many more zooites are from Portugal!

  63. Berel Dov Lerner says :

    I zoo from Kibbutz Sheluhot, in Israel’s Beit Shean Valley. It’s about 130 meters below sea level here – does that make me the world’s lowest Zoo user?

  64. Rod Guice says :

    Mr. Lerner,

    Before you claim to be the world’s lowest Zooicon, you should see Bakersfield,CA.

    Oh, you meant elevation…

  65. Heather says :

    any others in Lincoln

  66. pswaanen says :

    Nice Top 10,
    Idea for next time: Countries!

  67. Dancw39 says :

    I zoo from Charlotte, North Carolina USA
    I truely enjoy the site and the science, and making my small contribution to all the zookeepers research. Thanks All

  68. jane williams says :

    I zoo from a beautiful hillside in Wales overlooking the River Severn and Dolforwyn Castle

  69. sandy says :

    From little village of Akeley in North Buckinghamshire,England
    50 miles from Birmingham.
    Glad to see my home town of Glasgow is there. Glasgows climate isn’t very different at all from Southern England as some would have you believe. ( It sits in a valley and so is protected from the extremes )

  70. StargazerGirl says :

    I zoo from the home of the blues and deep fried everything-Memphis, TN in the southern USA! Any other zooites hail from M’town?

  71. abuela says :

    I zoo from a village in the south of the Corrèze, Limousine, France but only 2 miles from the Lot. Nice to see I’ve a fellow zoo-ite in the Pyrenees. One recruit so-far, but plenty of blank looks! I’m hoping to attend the Alumni weekend in Oxford where astronomy will feature including the zoo

  72. weezerd says :

    I’d just like to put on record that not only staff at Jodrell Bank and “say-no-to-id-card”ers, live in Manchester,England, and that even though we have lots to do in the friendliest city in the world, we still find lots of time to zoo 2 ! (So much that it’s taken until now for me to get to read this blog )

  73. toostellar says :

    Arizona? Scottsdale?

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