Kevin's 10 Weeks

Earlier this month Galaxy Zoo took part in the 100 Hours of Astronomy, which was extremely successful and enjoyable too! Since then, several zooites have remarked that it was great fun and a real inspiration to classify more. So just for today, we decided we’d like to have another go.

Galaxy Zoo was inspired by zookeeperKevin’s PhD thesis a few years ago. Trying to find those blue ellipticals, he was running a program separating spiral from elliptical. He classified 50,000 galaxies in one week. ZookeeperChris was later heard to say in a lecture: “A PhD student will classify 50,000 galaxies before telling you exactly what you can do with the other 850,000.” (The rest is history.) Among other units, this incredible achievement was given a name, “The Kevin-Week”.

Today is Kevin’s 28th birthday. To celebrate, Arfon has set us up a Zoonometer again for today. We have a very special target: How many Kevin-weeks can we collectively click our way to on Kevin’s birthday? Let’s find out.

Thank you all for your inspiration, and Arfon for his kindness and technical genius – and happy birthday Kevin!

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16 responses to “Kevin's 10 Weeks”

  1. fluffyporcupine says :

    Happy birthday Kevin!

  2. Half65 says :

    Happy birthday Kevin ! 🙂

  3. weezerd says :

    Happy birthday Kevin!

  4. Hanny says :

    Heh, I’d like to add a happy birthday too, Kevin! Hope you’ll have a nice day. And thank you Arfon, for the technical support!! Now let’s classify… 😀

  5. stellar190 says :

    Happy birthday kevin! 🙂

  6. Pat says :

    Happy Birthday Kevin!!! 🙂

  7. graham says :

    Happy birthday Kevin!

  8. Randa says :

    Happy Birthday Kevin.

  9. Jim says :

    Very Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

    Now, seriously, can someone show me, tell me, where are we supposed to be clicking. Help. email me at

  10. Alice says :

    Jim, try this: Have you got an account?

  11. Rod Guice says :

    (imagine the Beatles song)
    Na na na na na na na na (notes played on air guitar).
    I hear it’s your birthday!
    Na na na na na na na na (more notes played on air guitar).
    Happy birthday to you!

    No matter what age you’ve reached, you’re very young compared to the galaxies we classify! Have a great day!

  12. Anonymous says :

    A little late from me, but, Happy Birthday Kevin. All he best 🙂

  13. zeus2007 says :

    I’m sorry I’m late, Happy B-Day Kevin!

  14. galaxygirl445 says :

    Happy Birthday Kevin 🙂

  15. GailP says :

    Happy Belated, Kevin! Sorry I missed the celebration.

    So how did it go?

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