Things are moving slooowly

So the long promised forums/Zoo accounts merge is underway but unfortunately things are moving a little slower than we’d like.  The good new is we’re making good progress, the bad news is the forums won’t be back up until tomorrow now – sorry!

More news in the morning…



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4 responses to “Things are moving slooowly”

  1. Hanny says :

    Oh well, we’ll catch up in the morning then. Good luck! 😉

  2. zeus2007 says :

    No worries, all for the best. I’ll be on patrol reading more updates. Good of you guys to work so hard to make Galaxy Zoo even cooler than it already is.

  3. citisue says :

    ohhh, big changes being made:) I’m going through an inflammation from zooitis. LOL

  4. elizabeth says :

    Well if things get bogged down. How about a temp forum, the last was great. Good work guys and good luck.

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