Merge complete!

We’ve had a busy afternoon here at the Zoo working hard to merge the Galaxy Zoo and Galaxy Zoo forum user accounts.  I’m pleased to say that the process is now complete!

The details of the merge process have been outlined in this earlier post but basically some of you will have had your accounts merged automagically, others of you will have to ‘reclaim’ your old Zoo or forum account by using our merge tool.  If you are having trouble logging in since the merge then please use the password reset form at this address:

Unfortunately as a consequence of moving the forums to a new server some people won’t be able to see the forums for up to 24 hours.  Don’t worry though, they are there and you’ll be able to see them soon!  (It’s a DNS propagation issue for you tech-minded folk out there.)

Merging the different accounts has been a long-term goal for us at Galaxy Zoo and we’re really pleased to finally have the right solution in place.  It’s been a real programming challenge to get the logic just right and it wouldn’t have been possible without a huge amount of effort from Scott Miller and Pamela Gay and the rest of her team at SIUE – thanks guys!

We realise that the merge may cause problems for a few of you so if you have any questions or are having trouble logging in then please email us at



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34 responses to “Merge complete!”

  1. Georgia says :

    “huge amount of effort from Scott Miller and Pamela Gay and the rest of her team at SIUE”

    Yay Team! This was a mind-bogglingly huge task… thanks Arfon, Pamela, Scott, et al. 😉

  2. John says :

    The links do not work properly when classifying the galaxies. It will not let you go back.

  3. scibuff says :

    hey, this is cool, but I’ve lost all my classifications (600+)

  4. Arfon says :

    Don’t worry scibuff, we’ve not lost anything! Can you tell me if you’ve merged your accounts? Do you see anything in my galaxies?

  5. Arfon says :

    Scibuff, looks like you need to merge your forum and zoo accounts. If you go to and put in your username then you’ll be able to merge your accounts.

  6. Hanny says :

    The forum only works here if I use this address:

    Not without that last bit… (maybe a tip for others here) 😉

  7. scibuff says :

    @afron, my reply is not appearing (spam filter? hmm), in short, no it never gave me a chance to merge account … just couldn’t log in to the zoo account, so i got my password reset. All the stats in my galaxies are empty (seems that it’s using the data from the forum account) … if you’d like me to trouble shoot further lemme know.

    thx, scibuff

  8. davidjamesjones says :

    Can’t get to My Profile. The Update Profile just ends me round in a continuous loop, no matter how often I do it.

  9. geebers says :

    Everything works fine from my computer. No problems. Good work, people. Thanks for taking the time and effort to improve things.

  10. Mark says :

    I was really hoping on using my Forum name and not my normal login.. Not sure what I am going to do now.

  11. scibuff says :

    could you guys outline the merging account process (in detail) … I went to the /signup page, reset my password (didn’t wanna let me login) but don’t see anything about merging account there (my zoo and forum usernames were the same). Also, my account does now work for both the zoo and forum.

    thx scibuff

  12. Arfon says :

    Hello again Scibuff. If you head over here:

    and enter your old zoo login and password and then choose to merge with your old forum username and password you should find that you only have one account and all of you classifications are back!


  13. scibuff says :

    @arfon hey, it tells me “wrong password”, did I screw up by resetting my password on the “signup” page (i guess the hashing method is different now, isn’t it)? :S

  14. 1000GGG says :

    Is there a answer to get Profile to work.

  15. 1000GGG says :

    MEMBER and USERNAME and PROFILE not found.
    However able to LOG ON.

  16. 1000GGG says :

    Where are our PREVIOUS POSTS and PROFILE

  17. davidjamesjones says :

    Navigate Tool keeps displaying an ‘out of memory’ notice instead of the image.

    I sent a post in which the image looked OK, but the post appeared on the thread with this same notice in place of the image, so I had to remove the post. Many posts by other zooites have been affected in the same way.

    Also, when I clicked to send a PM, lots of red print said I had ‘timed out’ etc. My message had been erased and was not sent.

  18. zeus2007 says :

    Good work guys and thank you a whole bunch. All looks good and ready to go from here Houston. It’s a lift-off.

  19. davidjamesjones says :

    GZ working a lot better today, so well done, and I see now that underneath the huge UPDATE PROFILE gubbins there’s a much less prominent ‘Show stats’ and ‘Show posts’ (the latter being what we’ve all been waiting for). However, given that the two sites have now been merged, why do we have to click on LOGIN to get into the Forum? Sure it beats having to give username and password all over again, but it seems to be a redundant step.

  20. Mark says :

    Woot fixed my issue. Now I can use the same forum name on the forum like I want and use my old login (which is somewhat embarasing) for classifying.

  21. zoidzen says :

    Hello there;
    Was just invited by “alwayslearning” to check out this site and I passed the test and signed in….looks interesting…will learn as I go…always learning…
    Bus Driver, Matt, aka. zoidzen ..need a ride to the movies? 🙂

  22. Veggy says :

    I no longer log on automatically like I used to and it’s a minor pain doing ti manually everytime. Wassup?

  23. ngc_2787 says :

    Everything seems to be working fine. The only snag I noticed was not being able to log out of the galaxy classification section. But, I did see the notice that the team is aware of the problem and is working to correct it. It’s really not a big deal. It would be more of a problem if I couldn’t log on! 😀

  24. Veggy says :

    Was our journey really necessary? I used to have no problem with the old system: everytime I booted into G2 I was logged on automatically and nothing went wrong. Now I have to log on everytime and my forum is completely up to maggots tonight. Sometimes progress is not constructive I think.

  25. kroylar says :

    The registration seems to be broken.

  26. HellyG says :

    My old zoo login and forum login were different. I can now log in using the old zoo login but can’t use my forum name with the previous classifications. I tried merging but it tells me there is an error and my user name is not recognised (even though I have logged on with it tonight). I also tried changing my profile but it will not let me do so because my forum username is already used (by me).

  27. JenneNycole says :

    I tried to register through my Astronomy class, but it won’t let us register…?

  28. JuniorUK says :

    I’m not able to login, reset my password or register again. I’ve tried any possible way, but in vain. Even new registration with various names and mails would not go through.

    Please help!!!

  29. JuniorUK says :

    Auuu….. Anyone!

    Any help! I miss my galaxies.

  30. tmbruner says :

    It won’t let me log in anymore. I tried the “Find Me” thing and it doesn’t seem to find me. I tried to reset the password and it doesn’t reset. I would try to register again, but it seems others have been down that path too.

    I’d be happy to pitch in from time to time, please let me know when things are not so inaccessible.

  31. Mark O'Connell says :

    It seems to have lost my account. I can no longer get in nor will it mail me a new password to my email address.

  32. Mark says :

    My account seems to be lost, too. I can’t login änymore, neither the main username nor the one of the forum registration is accepted. The ‘manual merge tool’ does nothing for me, just keeps asking me for my main username and password… 😦
    Please help. 🙂

  33. saturnslover2 says :

    I can say the same as Mark. I had to re-register using different e-mail & user name. 😦

  34. astronomus says :

    All works, thanks!

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