Pictures from AAS

The AAS meeting just ended, and in a few minutes I’ll be giving Lucy from the Zoo Education Team a ride to Caltech, which is just down the street. Georgia sent me some photos from the three Galaxy Zoo education posters that we presented here.

Here is my poster, describing the irregular galaxies project:

Jordan's poster about the irregulars project

Here is Pamela’s poster describing the results of our survey into the reasons you participate in Galaxy Zoo:

Pamela's poster on your motivations

And, last but not least, here is Georgia’s poster describing our plans for future user testing of the Zoo 2 website:

Georgia's poster describing Zoo 2 user testing

It was a very successful meeting, and a lot of people came by the poster to ask questions or share their own results.

I’m headed back home at 11 PM tonight. It’s been a great trip, but I’m looking forward to going home!

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13 responses to “Pictures from AAS”

  1. elizatbeth says :

    wonderful pictures nice job everyone

  2. Alice says :

    Awesome! Well done guys! And Pamela’s talk was great too.

    May we see PDFs or similar of the posters? Pretty pretty please? I especially want to read what you’ve written about our irregulars project, after answering all those questions about it! 😀

  3. NGC3314 says :

    After watching the webcasts of both sessions where Pamela spoke about the Zoo, I was struck with a major difference between GZ and some of the other Citizen Science efforts described. This seems to be more internally organize and internally-driven than the others. Zoo participants have had a remarkable effect not just on the science goals, but on how the whole effort has been organized (it’s not too much to say “self-organizing”). Peas, irregulars, the merger-checking interface…

    This bunch is famous. I just heard from an astronomer commissioning a new camera on a large telescope that should be very good for narrow-band imaging of emission-line sources – he wondered what he could look at for the Zoo. I sent a list of fifty objects for starters.

  4. Alice says :

    To NGC3314: WOW!!!! I love it! 😀

  5. zeus2007 says :

    Ah man this is very exciting! Congrats to everyone and thanks for keeping us all well informed.

  6. Citisue says :

    Or, of course, any whole new section of the sky would do 😀

  7. Waveney says :

    Jordan is there a chance of seeing the poster?

  8. Half65 says :

    Thanks for info and congrats for the great job.

  9. Nike Lebron VI says :

    wonderful pictures nice job !

  10. jules says :

    Thanks for the updates! Well done team! Yes – a peek at the posters would be nice…. 😉

  11. Jo says :

    Well done all of you, what a brilliant team.

    It would be great to have a look at the posters, they look like they could be very interesting.

  12. Hanny says :

    Nice pics! 🙂

  13. Mark O'Connell says :

    Thanks for the PDF on the red spirals. @ Bill, Woot! Glad you could give him that list. 😀

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