Finishing that paper II

The Galaxy Zoo AGN host galaxies paper is nearing the final draft stage.

Note to self: when converting a document from British to American spelling, do not just automatically replace all instances of `ise’ with `ize!’

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4 responses to “Finishing that paper II”

  1. Graham d says :

    It is English spelling, you might upset the Celtic p’s and q’s over here.

    ise- as in “Internet Simplified English”
    Never intermingle; eg. chisel my nizzle

    On phonetics-eg.

    “How do you recognis(z)e speech” pronounce How do you wreck a nic(z)e beach.

    We need more zed vords that begin with z. the last letter of ze alphabet always ends up in the penultimate position of a word.

  2. zeus2007 says :

    Ah things are never simple. Best of luck for everyone involved in the project.

  3. Jordan says :

    And for that, we have Noah Webster to thank:

    It was his Speller and Dictionary that created the Americanized spellings of words like center, honor, and analyze.

    Apparently, the same spelling simplification debate is going on now (or recently) in Portuguese, according to my Brazilian friends. Can any Portuguese speakers confirm?

    Good luck on the paper, Kevin!

  4. Infinity says :

    Yes a tricky excercize 😉

    Good luck.

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