Latest Galaxy Zoo paper accepted


We are happy to announce that our paper, “Galaxy Zoo: Disentangling the Environmental Dependence of Morphology and Colour”, has been accepted for publication in the Monthly Notices of the RAS. We showed that much, but not all, of the correlation between a galaxy’s morphology and its large-scale environment can be explained by the correlation between galaxy colour and environment. We also showed that, among red galaxies, galaxies classified as ellipticals are more likely to be located in the central regions of galaxy groups and clusters. Finally, we argued that a relatively large fraction of red spiral galaxies are “satellite” galaxies in groups.

The pre-print of the accepted paper is available on astro-ph.

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7 responses to “Latest Galaxy Zoo paper accepted”

  1. Alice says :

    Oooooh awesome, congratulations!!! 😀 😀 😀

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    Very cool, gefeliciteerd/congratulations! 😉

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    Great job and congratulations

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    well done mate

  6. dan says :

    that is so cool

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