Join us for the SDSS-III meeting! (says Jordan)

UPDATE: I, Jordan, am indeed the mystery blogger. Sorry about that – I forgot to click my name as the author. Thanks to Karen for solving the mystery! Also, the times are U.S. Eastern time (5 hours behind Greenwich time).

UPDATE THE SECOND: See below for a “time machine” that tells you when coverage will start in your local time zone.

Next week, the members of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey collaboration will be meeting in Princeton to talk about the present and future of the survey. Bob and I will be there to talk about Galaxy Zoo, and we’d like you to be there too.

For the first time, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to watch the meeting as it happens. We’ll be live-broadcasting the meeting on our channel on UStream TV, starting on Monday, July 27th at 8:30 AM U.S. Eastern Time. (UStream is a web site that lets you broadcast video from a hand-held camcorder over the Internet.) Head over to our UStream channel to see the broadcast schedule. The “time machine” below says what time it starts in cities around the world.

I’ll be available on the chat in the UStream channel to answer questions in real-time about the talks. Hope to see you on the broadcast!

Time machine

Region or city Time of first broadcast
New Zealand 0030 (on Tuesday 28th July)
Sydney 2230 (on Monday 27th July)
Adelaide 2200
China/Philipines/Singapore/Perth 2030
Thailand/Vietnam/Jakarta 1930
India/Sri Lanka 1800
Pakistan 1730
Moscow 1630
Saudi Arabia/Eastern Europe/Turkey/Israel 1530
Central & Western Europe/South Africa 1430
GMT/UK/Ireland/Portugal 1330
Brazil/Maritime Canada 0930
ET/New York/Toronto 0830
CT/Chicago 0730
MT/Denver 0630
PT/Los Angeles 0530
Alaska 0330
Hawaii 0130

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6 responses to “Join us for the SDSS-III meeting! (says Jordan)”

  1. Georgia says :

    Is this Kevin? Jordan?

  2. Alice says :

    Hello Mystery Blogger! 😀 All names are relative, as is all time. Which 8:30 a.m.? What time will that be in the UK and Europe and the rest of the States? 😀 Hope to be able to see it 😀

  3. jules says :

    UStream has never worked for me. 😦 Let’s hope this will be an exception. 🙂 Looking forward to the meeting.

  4. Waveney says :

    I can only get Ustream to work by looking at the firewalls error log and overriding the enabled ports for the session. Very messy.

  5. zeus2007 says :

    I’ll be at work at that time if it’s US time.

  6. Karen Masters says :

    To kill the suspense – Jordan wrote the post! We can see that in the editing page for the blog (working on the next She’s an Astronomer post for 1st Aug!).

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