The Peas are online

Our paper ‘Green Peas in Galaxy Zoo hits the public pre-print archive  astro-ph today.  If you’d like to see the paper in full detail you can download it here
(click on PDF to get the full paper).

We’ve also summarized the science results and much of the process of  writing the paper  in a separate blog post.  Its now  been accepted for publication in MNRAS, and we’ll keep you all up to  date as it goes through the publication process.

Edit: Yale press release


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8 responses to “The Peas are online”

  1. elizatbeth says :

    WOW wonderful news enjoyed reading the Yale Press release!! Way to go Peas team.

  2. Richard Nowell says :

    What an amazing experience this has been: from a casual topic to an extraordinary paper by some extraordinary astronomers. I’m sure I don’t understand large parts of this paper yet, but it will be one paper that I’ll read and re-read for a very long time yet. Please, let me say thankyou to Carrie and Kevin for putting this together- yes with a lot of help- and for MAKING THE EFFORT. I’m sure all of the Peas collective are overwhelmed by the effort put in…Now I have to try and understand the paper! Citizen Science for ever! Awesome!!!!

  3. Alice says :

    YAY 🙂

    More congratulations to all the dedicated Peascorps and to Carie and Kevin for your amazing work! 🙂

  4. veggy2 says :

    Alice Sheppard is acknowledged twice in section 7 of the paper – probably justifiably, but suspect this is a typo.

  5. veggy2 says :

    As you were, I see now – too early in the morning!

  6. zeus2007 says :

    And not just online, everytime I see a pea I’m reminded of the Zoo and fond memories of those galactic beauties fall into place.

  7. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Congratulations to all involved in the Peas Project.


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