WHT prepare for action.

Quick update from Mark and I here at the William Herschel Telescope. It’s three hours till sundown and we are already setup, which means we are ready to go as soon as night falls. We are keeping our eyes on the clouds, you can see the satellite pictures here (click on the weather image and scroll down. La Palma is the north-westerly island of the cluster of 5) and hoping that they don’t cause too many problems.

Greatly looking forward to getting some good supernovae observing in. Look out for more updates through the night.

Good fortune supernovae hunters!



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5 responses to “WHT prepare for action.”

  1. Thomas says :

    I wish you dark and clear skies.

    Looking forward to the update.

  2. adam stanbary says :

    put that on my site or a pic of it

  3. Heimy says :

    /me dusting his old account

    Hey guys :P. Didn’t know that you were coming to La Palma! Let us know if you’re having a beer down at Santa Cruz before leaving the island.

  4. riki says :

    the paper that galaxy zoo have realeased is their a chance of me gettin a copy by email it would be great to read it n btw good luck with gettin teh images and cant wait for it (the new updates) to come on>>well done =)

  5. Simon 667 says :

    c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon

    Let’s get this party started…


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