End of the night, and new supernovae confirmed

We’re nearing the end of the night now – and that cirrus that threatened earlier blew through quickly, leaving us with clear skies and generally excellent observing conditions.

We ploughed through 16 supernova candidates, which kept us on our toes, and a first look at the data shows that indeed many of them turned out to be supernovae as we had hoped, rather than other variables sources (such as variable stars). So excellent work!

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped to make a successful night of observation; we’ll try for a fuller report tomorrow on what we found. We also have one more night tomorrow night, when we’ll continue to look at candidates identified by the zoo, so keep checking in for updates!



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16 responses to “End of the night, and new supernovae confirmed”

  1. Waveney says :

    That is quite a haul. A new way of labeling SN may be needed if we can regularly get this many.

  2. Hanny says :

    Exciting stuff indeed! 🙂

  3. Alex says :

    When and where we can find have an official announcement of the new SN ‘s ?? Plz tell me and
    Let’s have some great discoveries… good luck guys

  4. Anant says :

    Great stuff..
    Hope we find new supernovae everyday 😛

  5. Stuart23 says :

    My first session. Don’t know how I was doing. I hope there is some feedback so I can improve

  6. Mark O'Connell says :

    It is nice to know that we are doing something for you that can’t be done any other way. 😀
    @ Alex look at the front page of the main site. A link is now there.

  7. gaia says :

    Following the tutorial and examples was a bit confusing until I actually started on the real thing. Not sure how I did so am going to revisit the tutorial. But some feedback would be helpful – I don’t want to waste your time with red herrings!

  8. questing wolf says :

    My comment is the same as Gaia’s 14 aug. Started working through images and found I had to keep re-visiting tutorial. Hoping I succeed in identifying something useful !!!

  9. sean says :

    its workin good for me but maybe the tutorial could be tweeked a bit, the relationship between the three photos is expalained well but maybe some wording is missing there signalling the importance of size in the sub as compared to the middle photos, dunno seems easy to assume to small from the total tutorial

  10. mjwehner says :

    The order of the pictures is disconcerting. Rather than NEW, OLD, Subtraction, I’d rather see OLD, NEW, Subtraction. The brain is looking for something changed, so I keep on doing a right, left, middle, right, left, glance at the middle, etc. My opinion, at any rate. And, good luck hunting!

  11. aditi says :

    great!!! i’m just so xcited!!! its far more xciting than classifying galaxies!!!

  12. toostellar says :

    Thanks to the zoo. I really enjoy being these projects!

  13. toostellar says :

    Thanks to the zoo. I really enjoy these projects!!!

  14. Paul Hayes says :

    I’ve noticed that some galaxies show different colours from one part to another particularly reddish and greenish. One has a red streak running right across it. Is there any explanation for that and should I log colour variation as an unusual feature?

  15. sparklers says :

    woe to me, i miss out on all the best night sights living in uk. cirrus cuma and strats all the time even missed the meteor shower here ( was in north tho ) sighhh. chin up tho Good news about the new supernovae, thats zoo great

  16. Richard Spence says :

    Observing here in Calgary,clear skies, just fantastic.

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