Voorwerping, Part 1

I’m working on the Suzaku data that we’ve obtained on IC2497, the galaxy next to Hanny’s Voorwerp. X-rays, especially the really energetic ones that Suzaku is able to detect are probably the best way to probe whether the black hole in a galaxy is actively feeding or not. Shanil Virani and I are currently working on the data reduction and analysis, which is quite challenging. Early indications are that the data will show us some really exciting things, but the problem is that they make us really scratch our heads. It may yet take us quite a while to see if we understand what’s going on and we may have to pick the brains of a theorist or two. So, stay tuned….

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5 responses to “Voorwerping, Part 1”

  1. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thanks for the interesting update, Kevin. We are eagerly looking forward to any further development on this GZ pet project.


  2. Thomas says :

    Thanks for the update, Kevin. I look forward to finding out more as the story unravels.

    The best of luck.

  3. pluk says :

    Sounds already exciting 🙂

  4. zeus2007 says :

    Nothing like a good mystery to have the most wonderful of times. Especially those dealing with space.

  5. Mark O'Connell says :

    I say, “let the brain picking begin.” 😀

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