Galaxy Zoo gets a mention on The Archers

Someone sent me the following link:

Friday’s episode (October 2nd), 5:50 in. It’s a cute mention.

“People all over the world, categorizing galaxies… It’s rather, addicting,

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11 responses to “Galaxy Zoo gets a mention on The Archers”

  1. Infinity says :

    Heh,embedded in public culture too now, great!

  2. Alice says :

    “Let’s hope we can drag Dan away from Galaxy Zoo . . .”
    “Going to the zoo on (I forget)’s birthday?!”

    Just too accurate!!!

  3. Alice says :

    (Thought occurs to me after pressing Enter) I think one of you zookeepers – or someone familiar with the Archers – had better create an account for Dan . . .

  4. Thomas says :

    Amazing!! 🙂

  5. Hank says :

    Astronomy has been mentioned many times in the Archers as Phill Archer has taken it up. Sad as it may be I heard about Galaxy Zoo from the program. Ps Dan died along time ago

  6. Jo says :

    Hubby Archers follower, said that you may be confusing Dan Archer (long deceased) with Dan(iel) Hebden-Llyod who Shula’s son.

    Anyway it’s very cool that the Zoo got a mention.

  7. Alice says :

    Welcome to the zoo Hank, supercool way to find us! Whew, I was a bit confused about Dan being dead. I mean, it’s great to have a fictional zooite, but a zombie??

  8. Rykan says :

    You’re welcome.

  9. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Congratulations to the Zoo for making it to popular culture.


  10. Rob Smethurst says :

    Ive just done the SN tutorial and tried a few classifications. I don’t find the tutorial comprehensive enough. I’m not sure with any confidence what I’m doing. For instance there’s no mention of the instances (I’ve had about 4) where the reference is essentially black, new is very bright therefore subtraction is very bright. That’s a prime candidate I guess? No mention in tutorial.

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