Starting observing

Here at the William Herschel telescope we (Isobel and Jakob) have started to observe the candidates found by the supernova hunters. There were some clouds earlier, but the sky is getting clearer. The first spectrum is taken right now and we got a long list of excting candidates from the Supernova Zoo to investigate.

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5 responses to “Starting observing”

  1. Karan says :

    I wish you can find something new in the first night candidates

  2. Half65 says :

    Have a nice time.

  3. Marcy says :

    Have a great timem guys.. first class trip 😀
    I´m feeling little unsecure classifying, but watching each detail…

  4. Terriberri says :

    I hope you’re enjoying your selves! I’m not too far from where you all are. I almost watched the mountain your on burn down at the end of summer this year. I’m so glad it didn’t! I wish I could bring your guys some home made cookies and hot chocolate = )

    Stay safe!

    Terri (USA)

  5. siboni says :

    I tried to goto the Supernovae tutorial but couldn’t open the page!? Any idea why not?

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