Want to work with the Galaxy Zoo team?

The Zoo team is expanding once again, and we’re advertising jobs in Oxford and Chicago.

The Oxford job would be suitable for a postdoc who wants to do science with the Zoo, and get involved in the technical side of things. The job advert is here.

The two Chicago positions are for education researchers, based at the Adler planetarium. The adverts for these two positions are here.

Hope to be working with you soon…



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7 responses to “Want to work with the Galaxy Zoo team?”

  1. Alice says :

    Gah, if only I had familiarity with different places in Chicago!

  2. veggy2 says :

    Give the job to Waveney. He deserves it and he knows about stuff.

  3. Roshan Jesus Mathew says :

    What I hav to do to join wid U???

  4. Sue says :

    I am a 60 year old housewife with no qualifications but just love looking at the stars. There are never any jobs for the likes of me.

  5. Allison Ahola says :

    No Thanks.

  6. pjsvh says :

    how am i suppose to join you?i’m in india pursuing my masters in digital systems?

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