Happy birthday to us.

Galaxy Zoo is three years old today. Three years ago, I opened my laptop in the back of a Royal Astronomical Society meeting, connected my laptop to the rather flakey wifi network and noticed the site had crashed under the sheer weight of demand.

Three years on, we’ve produced excellent science, have moved on to the distant Universe, built the Zooniverse and, thanks to the contributions of every single person who has ever classified a galaxy, established that involving the public in research is an excellent way to get things done. Here’s to the next three years.


P.S. You can hear Kevin and I discussing his work on active galaxies on today’s 365 days of astronomy podcast.

P.P.S. Thanks in particular to the forum for their birthday cards and best wishes.

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13 responses to “Happy birthday to us.”

  1. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Happy third anniversary, Zoo and congratulations to all Zooites, Zookeepers & forum administrators. Let us keep the Zoo spirit going far & wide !


  2. Gwydion Williams says :

    Best wishes from me as well. I was an early joiner, and it has been a lot of fun as well as good science

  3. Stumpyy says :

    Galaxy zoo is amazing. Id rather be sat on here than at my chess game next thursday (:

  4. Connie McManus says :

    I have only recently discovered this fabulous website. I wish I could visit it EVERY night, but alas, my schedule only allows from Friday and Saturday. I am so very glad this place exists. Thnx to all who keep it running, for the excellent forum to learn everything possible about the universe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love you all!


  5. Annie Starjalopy says :

    Happy Birthday! and thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  6. elizabeth says :

    Happy Birthday ZOO!!

  7. Linda Constandi says :

    Happy Birthday keep it coming. Learn so much from the site thank you so very much, as with all the others we just love all the info and all that the Universe offers.

  8. Corinna Bechko says :

    Happy Birthday! I’m so happy that I get to participate in such an amazing project!

  9. Clarissa Conn says :

    Wishing you many more happy birthdays. Your ZOO is a great place to visit after a busy day. Thanks for letting the public share in this incredible adventure!

  10. Pasquale says :

    Happy Birthday!
    I Just became a zooite recently and loving it. Citizen science is a great tool for us amateur scientist. To be able to contribute to serious science or astronomy in this case, is mind blowing. Im a member of several citizen science projects even in biology.

  11. youknow says :


  12. Projector Lamp : says :

    birthday cards that are personlized are the best in my opinion, they really come from the bottom of the heart of the sender:~”

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