Want to help Waveney with his research?

Clicks are needed at the Irregulars Hunt: http://www.wavwebs.com/GZ/Irregular/Hunt.cgi

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5 responses to “Want to help Waveney with his research?”

  1. waveney says :

    Thankyou to every one who clicks. I need another 2,800 clicks to complete the third data set – which I will concentrate on for the PhD.

  2. elizabeth says :

    click! click slowly ! Click I will get there.

  3. veggy2 says :

    There! I done 4!. That only leaves 2796

  4. veggy2 says :

    2800 is 28 people doing 100 clicks each or 56 doing 50. Come on guys, it’s no good boasting of 250,000 participants in GZ if we can’t get 28 people to help Waveene (I done more now, BTW)

  5. Raisa says :

    Wabeney, hoy te clasifique 49, pero esa ùltima es so, so irregular, No.587725552803119460 with a zoom,
    can happen a distortion and look like a scrap spacial.?

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