We Need Your Help: Our New Astronomy Survey

This post is part of a series about the new Galaxy Zoo site. It is also part of Citizen Science September at the Zooniverse.

We are happy to announce that along with the new Galaxy Zoo release, we are also launching a new version of our Zooniverse astronomy survey. The new surveys were updated based on the many suggestions and responses we received from previous participants.

We are asking for your help so that we can develop a better understanding of the Galaxy Zoo participant base’s ideas in astronomy. The results from the new surveys will also be used to inform the development of Galaxy Zoo user tools and future science investigations. Looking forward, we will continue to conduct investigations that help Zooniverse create programs that promote even greater involvement from the citizen science community and allow for all involved to make even more profound scientific discoveries. Note that the information we gather for this work will remain anonymous.

Users of the new Galaxy Zoo will receive an invitation to “opt-in” to participate in taking the surveys as they are classifying. If you agree to help you will be given short surveys that contain 6 multiple-choice questions, which you can answer at your own pace. You can answer all the sets at once or take one set every week. Whatever works best for you. You can also opt-in to take quizzes by visiting your profile page.

Thank you again for participating and enjoy the new and improved Galaxy Zoo!

– The Galaxy Zoo Education Team

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2 responses to “We Need Your Help: Our New Astronomy Survey”

  1. Jean Tate says :

    I’m not sure this is an entirely accurate description of how you get to be offered the chance to take a survey. I tried this out with the first set (of 6), which I was offered shortly after I’d registered/logged in, and begun classifying. At the time I didn’t know these came in sets of six, so only answered four (if I remember correctly) – there’s no indication that they come in sets of six, so there’s no way to quit (other than clicking on the X); perhaps this could be made a bit clearer? I also went to my (new) Galaxy Zoo Profile page, but found no option concerning surveys! Clicking on the link in the blog entry, however, DID take me to a page where I could take a quiz (not a ‘survey’), but it definitely didn’t look at all like My Profile page.

  2. Kelly Bender says :

    I often see the “thanks answer these 6 questions” prompt when I’m classifying, but even though I select “yes” it never goes to any survey or quiz. I’m wondering what the questions are. I’m a planetary geologist and nasa mission planner running THEMIS onboard Mars Odyssey, galaxy zoo and the exoplanet explorer are my “wind down for the day” things I enjoy.

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