Want to work with the Galaxy Zoo Team?

The Zoo team is once more expanding, this time in the new Black Hole and Galaxy Astrophysics Group at the ETH Zurich Institute for Astronomy in Switzerland!

Your new morning view could include the Alps…

We’re looking for:

A Postdoc
AAS ad: http://jobregister.aas.org/job_view?JobID=43152
The postdoc position is for two plus one year and comes with support for travel, computing, publishing etc. Research will include work with Galaxy Zoo data, especially the new Hubble Zoo data from CANDELS and also include the hunt for the first black holes in the universe.

Two Ph.D Students
AAS ad: http://jobregister.aas.org/job_view?JobID=43155
The Ph.D positions are fully funded for four years and also come with support for all things a student needs. Both thesis ideas are based on Zoo data and ideas. For the Ph.D position, you’ll need a Master’s degree in physics, astronomy, or related field.

Both postdoc and the students can get involved in the Zooniverse and getting more people to engage with science online.

Zurich is usually ranked in the top ten cities in the world in terms of quality of life and ETH is the highest ranked European university in the world. ETH ASTRO has expertise from planet formation to cosmology and is involved in a number of large projects and surveys. Also, there’s unlimited espresso.

The deadline for both is December 7 2012! For further details, please see the AAS ads.

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