Ask us your questions for the next Live Chat!

Next Galaxy Zoo Live Chat: Friday, the 8th of February, 2013, 3:00 p.m. GMT

Topic: TBA! (Translation: we’re just going to wing it.)

We’ve already had some good questions submitted for our live chat, ranging from detailed inquiries about galaxy evolution to the orbital mechanics of moons. If you have a question for us, post it below and we’ll try to answer it! (You can also tweet questions @galaxyzoo at any time.)

Update: see questions answered in the Live Chat video here!

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11 responses to “Ask us your questions for the next Live Chat!”

  1. Jean Tate says :

    I sent some questions by email; here is a subset (but I’m interested in all of them!):

    From reading Ronald Buta’s “Galaxy Morphology” (, I learned that de Vaucouleurs developed a 3D (“volume”) classification scheme. Two of the dimensions are used – sorta – in GZ Mark IV (stage/Hubble type, and family/apparent bar strength), but the third (variety/inner rings) makes an appearance only as one option in “Anything Odd?”. Also, in the Davis & Hayes paper you discussed last Chat, they make no attempt to model rings. What are the reasons that led to choosing relative bulge size and presence of bars (and even a boxy vs rounded Eos option!) as key morphology features, over rings?

    When do you expect GZ4 to end?

    Will any of the data from the various GZs be made available to (non-professional astronomer) zooites, ahead of publication? Under non-disclosure, upon request, etc, etc, etc …

    Is anyone looking into whether there are truly expert zooites among the hero oldbie GZ zooites? I recall that after Supernova Zoo was shut down, there was a comment to the effect that although the automated routines (developed as a result of all the zooites’ clicks) were now as good as the average zooite, the hero zooites could pick SNe more reliably and more accurately than the routine could (a statistically robust conclusion, as I recall). I suspect that super zooites like Els and Budgieye are now so good at morphological classification that folk like Buta would be astonished.

    Any idea when Letters will go live/be made public?

  2. zutopian says :

    “Are there any plans to classify galaxies using the GALEX archive?” was asked by Infinity88 on the forum and Bill Keel replied on 16th Jan. Are there meanwhile more related news?

  3. Mark Moffatt says :

    What is the latest on the “Green Peas”?

  4. Margarita McElroy says :

    Do you think you could define ‘pitch angle’ as it relates to galaxies? It came up in the previous Live Chat (!) and I went to Wikipedia for a definition. They give one as relating to engineering and one as relating to particle physics, but no guidance on astronomy!

    When it was mentioned on the Chat, before the Gong and the explanations, I had just assumed that it was the angle the galaxy made in relation to the observer…

  5. Jean Tate says :

    Where’s the Live Chat?

  6. Carol says :

    Why are galaxies so important?

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