Next Galaxy Zoo Hangout: 22 Feb, 15:30 GMT

Next Galaxy Zoo Hangout: Friday, the 22nd of February, 2013, 3:30 p.m. GMT

We got a lot of good questions for the last live chat — keep ’em coming! Post your questions below and/or feel free to tweet them @galaxyzoo.

Shortly before the hangout starts, we’ll embed the video in this post so you can watch from here. And during the chat, if we use a science term you aren’t familiar with, please use the Jargon Gong by tweeting us with a GONG (example: “@galaxyzoo GONG spiral density wave”); we’ll be happy to stop and explain!

Update: The summary of the hangout, and the video, are now here.

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8 responses to “Next Galaxy Zoo Hangout: 22 Feb, 15:30 GMT”

  1. Tom Freethesouls Zolotor says :

    Is there anyway to tell more of what fhb galaxies are? Are FHB galaxies an early stage of galactic formation since they are very distance?

  2. Jean Tate says :

    Very much looking forward to the next Live Chat!

    Here are some more questions from me, in addition to the ones from last time that were not answered:

    * what is going on with the Aida Enigma Galaxy (

    * lenses (and arcs) are rare, far rarer than overlaps, yet the GZ4 “anything odd” options include “lens or arc” but not “overlap”; why?

    * any chance ordinary zooites can be involved in the planning and development of the next iteration of Galaxy Zoo (beyond being beta testers)?

    * what do you think the implications of the discovery of robust ‘zooite communities’ are? (I covered the paper on this in today’s OOTD:

    * when will Lens Zoo go live?

  3. zutopian says :

    I started the forum topic “For what use is the “Other” Option?”:
    Could you please discuss about it during the chat and/or do a post in the GZ forum?

  4. zutopian says :

    Could you please inform the volunteers by e-mail about the live chats in advance?

    • Brooke Simmons says :

      Hi Zutopian,

      That’s an interesting idea, and although it could be good for site traffic to let a couple hundred thousand people know about our live chats via an e-mail to the GZ volunteers, I suspect we could get into some trouble from the spam police if we did so each time (not to mention potentially annoying people after several e-mails).

      But, no worries, there are plenty of ways to find out about the hangouts in advance. You could subscribe to this blog, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook (

      The next hangout will be two weeks from the last one — I just haven’t put up a post yet!

  5. Graham Dungworth says :

    It’s late again and not embedded yet!

  6. Karen Masters says :

    Thanks for all the questions and comments.

    Graham, please be a bit patient with us we (for which you should read Brooke as she’s doing all the work) are still learning about how to iron all the wrinkles out of hosting Google+ live chats which can be embedded live as we do them, and also saved later on YouTube. Brooke has spent a lot of time figuring this out and hosting these live chats which we hope you like watching (even if they are a bit late sometimes!).

    Also there’s the small matter of our day jobs trying to get some science done! 😉

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