Exclusive interview with our recent Citizen Science co-authors

This post was written as a contribution by Timothy Friel, an undergraduate Australian National University student studying Theoretical Physics and Science Communication. Tim is conducting research into citizen science projects and their social media communication strategies.

Meet two of our fantastic Zooniverse members who have been recognised as co-authors for a RGZ submitted paper.

In March 2016, the Radio Galaxy Zoo (RGZ) team submitted a paper which is co-authored by two of our SuperRGZooites. Thanks to the help of citizens around the world, over 1.6 million classifications have been made. However, a very special thanks must go to two citizens who have been greatly involved in our most recent submitted paper.


Meet Ivan Terentev and Tim Matorny, our Citizen Science co-authors.

How did you discover Radio Galaxy Zoo and become involved?

Tim: I had a passion for research and to be involved with generating new knowledge. So I began to look and met [the world of] citizen science and tried many different projects. I was already familiar with the Zooniverse, when I got email about new project – RGZ.

Ivan: I became involved in RGZ from its beginning, more or less, in December 2013, and at that time I was part of the Zooniverse for two years. I was mostly contributing to the Planet Hunters project back then, but occasionally I switched to different projects just to look for what they have to offer. And it was during one of these “Let’s try something different” moments that I discovered RGZ through the announcement post in the Galaxy Zoo blog.

What parts kept you interested and motivated to stay a part of this project?

Tim: The team of scientists and their active participation is an important part. Their blog posts, comments and links have helped me to learn about the project and my involvement with the goals.
Looking for host radio lobes which are separated by a 10′ [minutes] or looking at the behaviour of jets in galaxies clusters is really exciting for me. I like that RGZ covers a wide range of data: radio, optics, IR, X-ray.

Ivan: If we are talking specifically about RGZ, it would be the RGZ Talk community and the fact that RGZ Science team is eager to communicate with simple volunteers and involve them in the research process. But a large portion of my motivation [for RGZ] is the same as for the rest of the Zooniverse projects. You see, I am sci-fi fan and it made me interested in space exploration. I like to watch documentaries about the astronomers, their work and all the amazing stuff in the universe around us and through the Zooniverse I can actually be involved in the process of science and help to shape the future, even if it just by a very tiny fraction. I never thought that something like this would be possible before I discovered Zooniverse.

How do you feel about being a co-author of a scientific research paper?

Tim: I am still amazed and feel more motivated to look for stunning new radio galaxies.

Ivan: This isn’t the first time actually, I am also a co-author for three papers from the Planet Hunters, BUT it is always awesome, like every single time! Although, I keep my head cool over that since most of the work was done by the professional scientists. A huge thanks to them for the acknowledgment of my small contribution in the form of inviting me to be a co-author in their paper. With this RGZ paper, I got a chance to see the whole process of science starting from the simple question “What is that?” and then people trying to figure out what is going on, schedule observations, discussing things and I have been a part of it! All the way through the process, ending with the actual published science article. It was an amazing experience!

Without the contributions made by our volunteers all over the world, we would not have been so successful in our endeavours.

However, we have only reached 57% of our classification target. Head to www.bit.ly/RadioGalaxyZoo1 to become involved and you could be co-authoring another great discovery with us!

9 responses to “Exclusive interview with our recent Citizen Science co-authors”

  1. Jean Tate says :

    Very cool, and congratulations to Dolorous_Edd and antikodon!

    There’s an RGZ Talk thread, “Exclusive interview with our recent Citizen Science co-authors”, where Tim Friel talks more about what he’s doing. Zooites: why not drop by and share a few of your experiences! (link: https://radiotalk.galaxyzoo.org/#/boards/BRG0000008/discussions/DRG0000gkl)

    • Tim_F says :

      Thanks Jean Tate for sharing the RGZ Talk thread link!

      I welcome every reader to have a chat on this blog post or in the RGZ Talk thread about their experiences with RGZ and the Zooniverse.

      For those who haven’t become involved yet, why not get involved through http://www.bit.ly/RadioGalaxyZoo1, or share your reasons why not here.

      I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on citizen science projects such as RGZ and how they could be made better for all participants 🙂

  2. Abe Hoekstra says :

    Congratulations Tim and Ivan! I so recognize Ivan’s comments about being involved from the start in a specific discovery. That is fantastic!

    • Tim_F says :

      It is fantastic to hear your support Abe Hoekstra!
      If you have a personal experience with any Zooniverse project, or any citizen science project in general, feel free to share it either here or through the RGZ discussion boards 🙂

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