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Hi, I’m Lauren, a summer work experience student working with the Galaxy Zoo team at the University of Oxford for a couple of weeks, and it’s my pleasure to be able to bring you some fantastic news. Today, we’re launching the mobile version of Galaxy Zoo! Unlike the website version, this brand-new native mobile version has  questions with only two possible answers – just swipe left or right depending on your answer! This can create a more captivating and faster-paced experience when you are classifying galaxies.

Not only does this introduce a new and engaging platform for the project, but it also means that you can classify galaxies anywhere – on the bus, at the beach, at a concert, in the waiting room at the dentist etc. Hopefully, this will mean many more galaxy classifications whilst also providing easier access for our wide range of volunteers across the world. By introducing this app, we hope to inspire others to join our Galaxy Zoo team, no matter their qualifications or skill set.

Get involved by downloading the Zooniverse app (if you don’t have it already), heading over to ‘Space’ section, and selecting the ‘Galaxy Zoo Mobile’ project. From there, you will be greeted with three different workflows – ‘Smooth or Featured’, ‘Spiral Arms’ or ‘Merging/Disturbed’. Pick whichever you like! The simple, swiping interface allows you to classify galaxies much faster than ever before, meaning the Galaxy Zoo science team can produce results even quicker. So, download the Zooniverse app today and start classifying!

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

Happy classifying,

Lauren & the Galaxy Zoo Team


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2 responses to “Galaxy Zoo Mobile”

  1. Kai (andromedafalls) says :

    Tysm for this Lauren & team! As someone who adores galaxy zoo and LOVED the old stand-alone galaxyzoo app I have to ask- is there any possibility that the stand-alone, with enhanced functionality and classifying abilities will make a return? Don’t get me wrong, the simplified classifying structure of the in-app Zooniverse version is fantastic for the minimalists and simple classifiers of the crowds- and y’all did a fantastic job setting that up. For the more advance users, having the full-classifying-functionality of the stand-alone would significantly help us accomplish more classification.

    I know this task isn’t easy as developing a stand-alone app that meets both iOS and Android requirements while providing a quality UI and UE is far from the simplest or quickest of objectives to accomplish, but please do know there are more dedicated users ready to provide as much info to the science teams in the easiest way if it’s available to them!

    Much love to the whole GZ team and thank you again for this version

    • Mike says :

      Hi Kai! Mike here. I totally appreciate that some people will want the full GZ experience, with all the questions. Unfortunately, like you say, we don’t have the developer resources to support our own app for this – instead, we pool our resources with the rest of the Zooniverse to help develop a great experience across all projects. We do plan on adding more questions to the new app so that you can get closer to that ‘full’ experience. I’d also suggest checking out the usual GZ site on your mobile browser. Sorry to not have a more positive answer!

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