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Make your own tours with Galaxy Zoo and Google Earth

You’ve classified the galaxies, listened to the experts and watched the Galaxy Zoo – Google Earth Tours, now it’s your turn. We have made a web page which allows you to make tours of your “favourited” Galaxy Zoo galaxies, and describe how to record your voice/audio over the top. We will even have a prize for the best tour; The winner will be able to choose who on the Galaxy Zoo team you would like to narrate your tour. This even includes Sir Patrick Moore.

Winners will be chosen by Arfon, Ben, Bob and Chris. Simply go to http://tours.galaxyzoo.org/ and enter your email address. Your favourite galaxies will then be displayed allowing you to construct a tour to your specifications. The tour files are playable in the latest version of Google Earth. On the same page there are links to documentation and videos showing you how to record audio over your tour or hard code the tour file.

Upload your edited tours to the forum to share with your friends and to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

Good luck,