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Zooing all over the world

I last updated the Galaxy Zoo city league table back in April. How do things look now? In good old fashioned reverse order :

10 Down from 2nd last time, Manchester. Having e-MERLIN to play with is obviously distracting our good friends at Jodrell.

9 A new entry – Los Angeles. Presumably Hollywood doesn’t have enough stars of its own.

8 Berlin The first non-native English speaking city to make the list. Will it be the highest?

7 A suprise 5th last time, Bristol is down two spots this time.

6 The third new entry in a row is Melbourne, according to Wikipedia home to the world’s largest tram network.

5 Down two spots from 4th last time, New York is the highest ranked American city.

4 The team behind the Polish translation of Galaxy Zoo 2 have been working hard, and they’re rewarded by seeing Warsaw in 4th place. It’s not the highest new entry, though.

3 Rising four places, Sydney. Australians can’t stand the sight of a league table they’re not on the top of.

2 In second, this chart’s highest new entry – Eindhoven. A stunning performance from our Dutch classifiers.

1 But hanging onto first place in the Zoo classification stakes is London. Can anything topple the legions of office-bound zooites from the top of the tree?