Tell the story of Galaxy Zoo yourself!

A couple weeks ago, Chris and I attended the meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Austin, Texas. At the end of the meeting, I uploaded the poster I had presented there:

Galaxy Zoo public outreach poster

In a comment to that post, mushroom made a fascinating suggestion:

Could be a fun visual communication exercise to try to make another poster which conveys the same information without using any text.

This is a fascinating idea. I talked it over with the team, and we’re not sure how to go about telling the Galaxy Zoo story without text. But we’re sure that with your creativity, someone can figure it out! And, to phrase mushroom’s suggestion in a different, more general way:

How would you tell the story of Galaxy Zoo?

Here is your chance. We invite you to “remix” the Galaxy Zoo poster, telling the story of Galaxy Zoo in your own words and images. You can start from the original work, or strike out on your own. Here is the original poster, as a JPEG image and as a Word file:

Galaxy Zoo public outerach poster (JPEG)

Galaxy Zoo public outreach poster (Word)

I have created a topic in the Galaxy Zoo Latest News forum called “Remix the Galaxy Zoo poster!” Post your ideas in that thread, or in comments here on the blog. Post your creations there, or if they’re too big to be uploaded, E-mail them to me at raddick “at”

If any of you are wise in the ways of Photoshop, E-mail me, and I can send you the original Photoshop CS2 file.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and we hope this is fun for you too!

Have fun, and keep telling the story!


You may change anything you want about the poster, as long as you leave the following elements. You may move them around, but you should maintain them visibly on the poster:

1) The author names and institutions (“TeamMembers” in the Word file). This is in the standard format for scientific posters and papers.

2) The names of the volunteers, which now appear at the end of the poster. But, of course, feel free to add your own name to our randomly-chosen list!

3) The logos of the institutions involved with Galaxy Zoo.

4) The copyright statement, including the Creative Commons logo.


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3 responses to “Tell the story of Galaxy Zoo yourself!”

  1. Hanny says :

    Wonderful, what a lovely idea! I always liked assignments like these when I still was a student! 😀 Anyway, I don’t have the illusion my English is good enough to make it good, but I’m curious to find out what others think of… 😉

  2. Alice Sheppard says :

    Don’t be ridiculous, Hanny, I’ll check your English. Go for it. Same goes for anyone else who wants their English checked (although I may not be able to do it the same day).

  3. mani teja says :

    it is an marvellous,glimpsy,miracle………………………….

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