A Big Thanks to all our Collaborators!

Late last year we hinted at a surprise present for you. We also asked you for your name if you didn’t mind it being published…

Well, here you are:


No journal would allow us to have an author list with more than 100.000 names on it. However, you are our collaborators and we wanted to acknowledge your contributions that made Galaxy Zoo possible. If you look at the first page of Kate’s accepted paper, you will see that we link to this page:


All papers that the Team are working on will have this link on them to acknowledge you. In the future, when we make the Galaxy Zoo data available publicly for other astronomers to use, we’ll also ask them to do the same when they publish their results.

So once again, a Big Thanks from the Team. You can download a full-resolution JPEG or PDF version of the poster at http://www.galaxyzoo.org/Volunteers.aspx.

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8 responses to “A Big Thanks to all our Collaborators!”

  1. DarkSapiens says :

    Amazing 😀

    How can we find our names? Are they sorted with some special criteria?

    Or well… we’ve spent time watching and classificating galaxies after galaxies, so I think we can do something similar there. We’ve been well trained 😉

    And… you’re welcome!

  2. Peter says :

    We collaborators (and I hope I speak for many of the 100,000 here) would like to give a big thanks to the Team, as well.

  3. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thank you very much TEAM for the gracious and generous gesture. We are really proud to be a part of this wonderful scientific research project that will no doubt serve as a blueprint for all future collaborations between professionals and amateurs. True to all the fine GZ traditions this method of paying tributes to volunteers is yet another ground breaking innovation. Cheers everyone !

  4. Stuart Sweeney says :

    Even a cynical old so and so like me was moved by this acknowledgement, which also serves as a reminder of the power that the GalaxyZoo team have tapped into.

  5. MoreInput says :

    I found myself! Cool!

  6. Gilles Carpentier says :

    Many thanks for this travel and your gesture. Now I know that I have an asymetrical perception of the world !

  7. Martusino says :

    I just wish that there was a list of those names in the same order that we could ctrl+f. That would make finding individuals a much happier experience!

  8. Jonathan Saunders says :

    Thank you!!! This place is great!

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