Google helps out Galaxy Zoo

As this story announced on Thursday, Galaxy Zoo has been given a grant of $50,000 by Google. As Bob says “The Google grant will enable us to add two key features to Galaxy Zoo. We will incorporate ‘GoogleSky’ technology into the website so it resembles the Google Maps interface. Then we will put Galaxy Zoo into the Google Sky and Google Citations Pros interface which will allow people to zoom around the universe, click on any galaxy and classify it more easily.”

It’ll take us a while to get there but this should make classifying a lot more fun, and hopefully allow us to do all sorts of exciting things.

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17 responses to “Google helps out Galaxy Zoo”

  1. Pat says :

    That is brillant news Edd!!!! Sounds exciting. Thanks Google!!!

  2. elizabeth siegel says :

    wonderful news, sounds very interesting. Thanks Google.

  3. Infinity says :

    V cool indeed,great news, good old Google.

  4. fluffyporcupine says :

    Wow, what great news!

  5. Waveney says :

    Wow! Now I understand one of Chris’s comments to me…

  6. Alice says :

    I didn’t know classifying could be any more fun, but thanks for the cash, Google! Can we spend it on more get-togethers? 😉

  7. Adam Primus says :

    Wow! It just gets better & better… 😀

  8. Half65 says :

    We made history.

  9. Hanny says :

    Yay! 😀

  10. ElisabethB says :

    It seems like every day there’s something exciting and wonderful in the blog !
    Keep up the good works !

  11. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Great news! I said before that the birthday presents for the ZOO will keep coming. So, it would appear that my prediction has actually materialized. The more the merrier, right ? We are all really proud to be Zooites.

  12. Lily says :

    Congrats, is really a great news to us Zooites and of course to the scientists involved.

  13. Jakub Pawlowicz says :

    $50k is a nice piece of money which you deserve without a question. I am just little worried about GalaxyZoo getting less usable by this change, actually missing the point what it is all about.

    But good luck after all! Show us the v2 soon!

  14. lehensuge says :

    As Jakub thinks, if I well understand,I’m a little happy of this opportunity and a little anxious with the repercussions I fear.

  15. chris says :

    Excellent development! Looking forward.

  16. Paul from Maastricht says :

    Many thanks for this information.
    It sounds like “a fairy tale beauty”

  17. vickyb says :

    I cannot wait for this feature. I love flyin around the planet with google earth,, google mars is very cool too. Be great to be able to clasify galaxies by flyin’ up to them!

    vicky in ottawa, canada

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