Nearly there…

picture-33.pngFinal testing underway… 

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9 responses to “Nearly there…”

  1. GwydionM says :

    Looks beautiful!

  2. Alice says :

    Happiness abounds . . .

    Singing and dancing 😀 and let us know if we can help . . .

  3. Eric says :

    How do we help test?

  4. lehensuge says :

    Merveilleux, enfin, bravo;

  5. Lily says :

    Wow!! It looks great!!

  6. rhys carnall says :

    will it be easier to post topics at gz2

  7. Alice says :

    Hi Rhys, welcome to the zoo – we’re keeping the same forum. You can send me a message if you’d like some help posting topics. To send me a message, you can click on my name in the forum, and there’ll be a “send personal message” at the bottom of the screen.

    There’s also a “help page”.

    Basically, click the “new topic” button in the forum, which is in a line of grey buttons at the top and bottom of each page on the right. Or you can go into a topic and click “reply” which is in the same place.

  8. dosey says :

    Hi Alice,
    Do you do an “idiots guide” to posting pictures? I also have trouble logging in sometimes and have found it easier to start again from scratch. Now all my alternative passwords are mixed up, hence the recent name, dosey!!!
    Fantastic challenge and so glad you have thrown it open to everyone. I certainly won’t give up as have seen some really special sights that I would have loved to have shared with others. So I’m starting a “pub astronomy” locally (like Mabel’s Tavern) too as it is 25 to 35 miles to my nearest proper astro club.

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