Nearly there II

picture-34.pngWhat are these mysterious buttons? You shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out (we’re still testing…). 

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15 responses to “Nearly there II”

  1. veggy says :

    Yippee..we’re going to be UFO spotting! I think the answer is Area 51. Where are the multi-armed spirals like our very own?

  2. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    I can see that gravitational lensing is on the agenda. Interesting array of buttons. Thanks for the great preview.

  3. Alice says :

    I am so pleased you didn’t go for the lime green ones. 😀

  4. Kevin says :

    Yeah, the lime green was …. interesting. 😀
    We were trying to think of a colour for the buttons that would minimise bias — and there really aren’t any “green” galaxies.

  5. Ciaron says :

    What about the highly suggestive looking ones? I bet we will find a galaxy shaped exactly like a thingy. Still what about asteroids the lil’ fellas need some tracking

  6. lehensuge says :

    What about the 10 th on the right ? Undo button ?:)

  7. Eric says :

    Yes! Don’t change them, I’m starting to train myself ahead of time. 🙂

  8. Alice says :

    Hi Ciaron, are you the Ciaron who was studying ring galaxies? I hope you’re still learning lots of astronomy!

    What about peas then Kevin??

    I like the “stingray” button . . . 😀

  9. Jules says :

    Love the “I found Saturn” button! 🙂

  10. Pat says :

    I like the Dark side button “number 10” 🙂

  11. Jules says :

    That’ll be for black holes………….:)

  12. Geoff Roynon says :

    Can’t find the Asteroid button 🙂

    Looks good!

  13. augusta says :

    Oh please, please I promise to be good just let me play with those buttons please!

  14. Alice says :

    Does anyone else get the feeling that if they were on a little keypad and we pressed them, they’d all make the most delightful “beep”ing noises? 😀 😀 😀

  15. Stuart Sweeney says :

    Aw gee! You’re teasing us – dangling these titbits on a piece of string and just out of reach.

    Congrats on the progress to date and looking forward to “Son of Galaxy Zoo” or maybe “Galaxy Zoo Redux”. But I guess you’ve got to maintain the view within the Academic World that it is really serious…so “Galaxy Zoo 2” it is.

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